Three Gift Box Subscriptions I’ve Loved: Perfect for Mother’s Day

Three Gift Box Subscriptions I’ve Loved: Perfect for Mother’s Day

One of the happiest little delights in life is getting mail. I have a friend who always remembers to send birthday cards and it’s one of my favorite things about her! Mail, besides the daily junk and bills (and New Orleans speeding tickets!) is such a mood brightener. I’ve really enjoyed three different gift subscription boxes over the years that I’ve gotten for my birthday and for Christmas. Depending on the interests of the mom in your life, these could be great Mother’s Day gifts! The best part is that I often totally forget that the subscription is arriving, so I’m continually surprised each month. 

Book of the Month 

book of the month app

I absolutely love Book of the Month. The idea is that each month you get to choose a book from six hardcopy books or they have also recently added audio books, which is so fun. They’ll include a summary of the books as well as comments from people who’ve read it already as well as a short sample. I appreciate that all different categories are included. There will be thrillers, romance, literary fiction etc… If you don’t like any of the options, you can choose from a selection of five “member favorites” that rotates or you can skip the month altogether. Additionally, if you do choose a book, you can also pick add-ons for $10 each. You’re getting a hardcopy of the book, it’s hard to beat that price. All of this is done in the Book of the Month app and if you rate and review your books you earn different “badges” — one being a free book during the month of your birthday! You can choose the “Give a Gift” option to send to someone with a printable or electronic gift card, easy and fun! They also provide you with a referral link and when someone signs up with it, you get a free book. Seriously, I am a huge fan of Book of the Month.

Anchor of Hope Box 

anchor of hope box

The Anchor of Hope Box is an excellent gift for someone you’re having a hard time shopping for. Each month, the gift box includes a couple of thoughtfully selected items which are always good quality and meaningful, my favorites so far being a beautiful jewelry holder and a wall hanging that I keep above my desk. A major benefit is that the company behind this gift box, Hands Producing Hope, is an amazing organization working to support women in Rwanda, Costa Rica, and Baton Rouge who are facing lack of access to resources, isolation, and discrimination. Per their website, when you purchase from Hands Producing Hope, you are not just receiving a uniquely handcrafted product. You are providing consistent and dignified work, training and income. I love that when I shop with them or receive this gift box in the mail, there is two-fold joy in receiving fun items plus supporting women who are seeking to make a way for themselves. So in addition to enjoying the beauty of the gift, you’re contributing to an amazing cause. And you’ll definitely be happy with the variety of gifts, but if there’s ever anything I don’t love or want to keep, I put it in my closet and have something handy for a last minute gift for someone else!  

Tea Subscription from Steven Smith Teamaker 

steven smith teamaker

This one has been so fun! My mother-in-law gifted me this for Christmas and each month I look forward to seeing what kind of tea I’ll receive. You can choose if you want your tea to always be black, green, herbal, wellness tea or the Tea Maker’s Choice, which is a range of tea across the collections. I chose the Tea Maker’s Choice option and have truly loved everything I’ve received, my favorite being a Jasmine Green Tea that I had never tried before. The tea is high quality, sustainably sourced, and absolutely delicious. 

I love all of these gift options because they feel meaningful and not like more junk, which none of us want! I highly recommend any of these for Mother’s Day or any other occasion where you need a gift for a woman you love.


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