This Robot Will Do Your Dishes! Amazing Housecleaning Robot from Vici Robotics

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    This Robot Will Do Your Dishes!

    If you hate doing dishes, you’re not alone! It’s seriously the worst.

    I hate scraping old food off of plates and scrubbing at hardened specks that won’t come off. I hate getting food on my hands. That extra “ew” factor of doing the dishes makes it my least favorite chore by far.

    And even if you’ve managed to pass this unpleasant task to someone else in your family, you probably still deal with arguments about who should do the dishes and when. I’ve had many heated conversations about this in my house, because no one likes doing the dishes, ever.

    Vici Robotics to the Rescue

    Finally, someone has created a solution to our never-ending dish dilemma. Vici Robotics has invented a household robot that does the dishes for you. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner, right?

    Vici’s Robot can skillfully pick up your dishes from the sink, place them neatly in the dishwasher, run the dishwasher with detergent, and unload the dishes for you.

    No more arguing with your family about whose turn it is to do the dishes. No more icky food slime on your fingers. No more fearing the aftermath of cooking a large meal or hosting a party. No more wasting any of your precious time washing dishes when you’d rather be doing anything else. This robot will free us from the burden of dishwashing.

    Not only that, but it’s designed to do many more chores in the future. As the robot gets smarter, it will learn to do laundry, clean countertops, pick up kids’ toys, and more. Vici Robotics will automatically update every robot in customers’ homes whenever it develops a new skill. So the robot will slowly become your perfect all-in-one housecleaner.

    Vici’s Robot also adds a beautiful modern touch to your home. Its sleek, futuristic look instantly modernizes any room. Its clean and elegant design fits in perfectly with your Google Home, Amazon Echo, or other smart home devices. Its white color scheme goes with any décor.

    Not only is it pretty, but it’s also very practical for your home. The robot is tall enough to reach up to your countertops and deep into your sink. It’s wide enough to be very sturdy, yet slim enough to smoothly navigate through your kitchen without bumping into anything. It moves using four hidden wheels made of soft rubber that prevent damage to your floors, whether they’re hardwood, carpet, or tile.

    Using the robot is also incredibly easy. It responds to the Vici Robotics mobile app. You just download the app onto your phone or tablet, then set the robot’s schedule as you see fit. When the robot finishes working, it moves back to its designated “home” location and automatically charges its battery.

    To learn about all of the robot’s convenient features, visit the Vici Robotics website.

    What Makes This Possible?

    Doing dishes and other chores are actually extremely complicated tasks for a robot. When you think about it, dishes, dishwashers, kitchen sinks, and possible arrangements of dishes can vary a whole lot. So it’s understandable that a robot would need a little help to accomplish these things.

    Vici’s Robot relies not only on artificial intelligence (like most smart home devices do), but also on human operators. Trained operators at Vici control the robot remotely using virtual reality (VR).

    That’s right – the same technology from your kids’ VR videogame allows someone to personally operate the robot. A trusted Vici employee uses a VR headset to see out of a small camera on the robot’s hand and help the robot complete its chores correctly. Eventually the robot learns to do chores on its own.

    The camera also doubles as a security feature. It records the robot’s every move, and you can view this footage through the mobile app. Monitor your robot’s actions in real time, or watch the recorded footage whenever you want. You’ll feel secure in always knowing what your robot is doing.

    Vici’s Robot offers a level of security and convenience that traditional cleaning services can’t. With its built-in security camera and easy-to-use mobile app, it gives you peace of mind and lets you schedule chores whenever is most convenient for you.

    Vici’s Robots will begin working in customer’s homes in 2021. You can pre-order one now through the Vici Robotics website. Pricing is based on an affordable monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time.

    To learn more, visit the website or subscribe to the Vici Robotics newsletter.


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