This Local Company Wants You to Think Twice Before Stocking Up at the Store

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This Local Company Wants You to Think Twice Before Stocking Up at the Store

If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you’ve noticed the empty shelves, the long (and much too crowded) lines and the anxious energy that seems to hover above everyone gathered there.

With good reason, people are in a panic and buying everything in sight, including the supplies you need to feed your family.

Natco Food Service, a local company, believes they can help to calm people’s fears.

Natco, a Greater New Orleans area food supply, provisions and distribution company that has served South Louisiana since 1925, is selling bundles of proteins such as beef, chicken, pork, sausage and steak to the public in response to restaurant closures and food shortages in grocery stores caused by COVID-19.

Offhand you may not have heard of the company but, if you consider yourself a fan of New Orleans fare, you’ve definitely eaten their products. Here’s a hint: they supply meat and more to the finest, most awarded local restaurants in the city.

From basics like chicken, bacon and pork chops to grill go-to options like steaks, ribeyes and ground beef, Natco is rolling out a wide variety of products available in bulk and smaller package sizes.

“We are a family-owned, local company so we know good and well what our community has been through in the past and how it will prepare to face what’s happening now. Naturally, people are scared of this threat which leads to a run on the normal supplies. We want to be an alternative for people who don’t know where else to go to stock up for food to feed their families,” said Natco President, Anne Babin.

So far, they’ve hosted truck sales in New Orleans, Metairie, Mandeville and Baton Rouge. Each week they announce their upcoming truck destinations on their Facebook and Instagram pages. It’s important to note that orders placed at the truck sales will be purchased and completed on a first come, first serve basis. Credit Cards, Cash, PayPal, Venmo are accepted.

Since it’s on everyone’s mind these days, you should know that Natco is taking advanced measures to reinforce social distancing and provide a clean, sanitary experience—much cleaner than some of the neighborhood markets we’ve been hearing about.

Simply drive up, stay in your car, order and pay the line attendant and their crew will load it up for you with as little contact as possible. And don’t worry, you’ll see them in masks and gloves and frequently wiping down any pens, phones, card readers and any other objects involved.

Natco also redesigned their website this week to provide an easy option to order online from a select menu. After ordering, just bring your order confirmation when you pick up from their warehouse at 310 West Tenth Street in Reserve, Louisiana.

Until any restrictions from State or Federal levels indicate otherwise, Natco plans to sell protein products to the public for the foreseeable future or until supplies last.

“We are well-stocked and well-supplied especially with restaurants closing and placing fewer orders. It felt like the right thing to do to give the public access to our products. It’s what our father and great-grandfather would have wanted to do, too,” said John Lalla, Natco’s CEO.

We’re getting closer to peak week, so it’s more important than ever to be responsible with shopping, saving and distancing. Before you or your husbands rush out to the store, consider collecting your supply from Natco. Online orders can be placed on our website HERE.

Learn more about Natco Food Service

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