There Are Two People In This World :: Those Who Love Buc-ee’s, And Everyone Else

I Am Everyone Else 

I HATE Buc-ee’s. More specifically, It is my earthly version of hell. Worse than a Walmart, in a small town, on a Sunday, right after church (IYKYK). I realize that seems like a hard stance, but hear me out. I am easily overstimulated. Loud sounds, lots of clutter, hordes of people, random (not seemingly related) knick knacks all over; these things individually can overwhelm me. So when you put them together in a 75,000 square foot building, it’s a full blown anxiety meltdown for me. And I always get one of two responses when I share this sentiment. 

The Great Divide 

When I tell people about my complete loathing for Buc-ee’s, I am met with either a strange sense of kinship or utter disbelief. Those who relate to my sensory overload find Buc-ee’s to be just as nerve grating as I do. Those in utter disbelief LOVE Buc-ee’s. You know the people I’m talking about. The ones where it has become a family tradition to “make a pit stop” at Buc-ee’s while traveling to Florida (and now Texas). These are the people posting family photos in matching Buc-ee’s swimsuits. Maybe they have a tumbler from their favorite Super-mart. Maybe even a bumper sticker announcing their Buc-ee’s enthusiasm to the world. The point is, the possibilities are endless. It’s likely the only place where you can get a hotdog, gas, and Mud Pie home decor in the same space. I’d even venture to say that you can find more at Buc-ee’s than you can on Amazon (not really, but likely close). So to some extent, I see the appeal. 

The truth is, I just prefer Amazon … from the comfort of my home … without thousands of other people shopping at the same time. Without several hours worth of driving left, might I add. And I realize that for some people, that is blasphemous. How could I possibly dislike Buc-ee’s?! To those people I’d say “tomato, tomato” (you know the intended inflection). Not everyone enjoys the same things in life. And isn’t that what makes the world go round? But still, one’s love or hate for Buc-ee’s seems to be a continual source of great debate.  

An Enigma 

Honestly, I find it fascinating that people are drawn to Buc-ee’s like moths to a flame. I’d like to meet the genius behind the gas station super-plex. I’m sure they are making millions, wherever they are. I also find it incredible that no one has tried to duplicate or replicate this business model, especially given its success. I personally am grateful for it, though I know there are others who likely wish Buc-ee’s were in every state along I-10. Either way, it makes no difference to me because I will be avoiding them like the plague. So if you’re traveling this summer and you have an immense distaste for Buc-ee’s like I do, I sincerely hope you are able to avoid it. If you are in the camp that loves Buc-ee’s, I hope you find everything your little heart desires during your visit. 

you either love Buc-ee's or you hate it.


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