The Weight of The World

Y’all the mental health struggle has been REAL.

For the last two weeks, I have been struggling to do even the simplest of tasks. The overwhelming fear and anxiety of everything being shown and discussed in the media has me paralyzed. Now, let me say this in the best of conditions, I am an overthinking, sensitive yet sassy, fly by the seat of my pants extrovert. Yes, all of those things. Yet the current climate has begun to push me over the edge.

The fears from COVID-19 were/are real. My husband is in a demographic that is more likely to be adversely effected if infected. Now, all of the racial tensions (which already existed), but has now been brought into a much bigger spotlight than ever before. The fear of the future: mine, my daughters’, my granddaughters’; not knowing what changes will come or if they will be lasting. Truthfully fear for our lives, as the increase of racially charged crimes against people of color continues to be reported.

This constant state of anxiety, fear and unrest has me EXHAUSTED and DEPRESSED. All the what ifs and whens do nothing to quiet my already overactive mind. I want to share with you some ways that are helping me stay sane.

Trying to limit your social media intake

Easier said than done, I know. When scrolling my feed, I stick to the lighthearted pages at times for a mental break.

Starting a new hobby

I have recently decided to try my hand at calligraphy. Anything to keep my focus elsewhere for a bit.

Doing something you love

For me, this is baking. I’ve been creating new recipes and even getting my mini involved too.

Getting outside

The positive effects of just a little sunshine are endless. I lay a blanket in the backyard and sit for a bit.

Talking to a loved one or friend

I have leaned on my husband, mom and best friend so much during this time. To vent and talk it out. To hear my concerns echoed so I don’t feel alone. It has helped me immensely.

The fight is far from over, but while it continues, I need to make sure I stay healthy in every way and you do too.

Vianca Price
Vianca is a very social Afro Latina, millennial mom, wife and grandma. She hails from a small town in Central Florida and landed in Southeast Louisiana purely by accident. She has lived a whirlwind life and is a very proud woman in long term recovery from drugs and alcohol. She and her husband, Will, currently reside in Ponchatoula with their youngest daughter, Selena (the mini) and their three dogs. Vianca enjoys all the wonderful events Louisiana living has to offer. She and her mini can usually be found at any number of local events, living their best lives. She is very passionate about health and wellness journeys, which led her to starting her own meal prep service, Keto Kween Vee. Her mission in life is to help others.


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