Summer in a Glass: Wines You’ll Want to Sip on all Season

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    Summer in a Glass: Wines You’ll Want to Sip on all Season

    I love to pick wines for a time of year, a meal, a special occasion. Heck, I just love wine. I’m sipping on one now as I write, pretending it will inspire my average wine drinking self to write like a sommelier. I like both whites and reds, choosing which Best summer wine choicesdepending on the occasion (which could be a Friday night with pizza). I lean towards reds in the winter or with a heaping bowl of bolognese. Yet as soon as spring comes around (practically summer heat here in Nola), I’m eyeing my next Rose’ or white wine and dreaming of an afternoon by the pool.

    When I saw Chateau Ste. Michelle released a Rose’, I was pretty excited to try it. Almost 10 years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the winery while on a trip to Seattle. It was my first visit to a winery, when I had just begun to appreciate wines. I’ve been a fan ever since, knowing my go-to favs anywhere I shop. Even better, most of their wines are under $15 and available nationwide. Which makes these perfect for backyard sipping and dinner pairings all summer.

    Here are my top picks for summer sipping:

    Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Rose’

    I’m going to make a bold statement here: this is my new favorite Rose’. This is summer in a glass, ya’ll. 98 % syrah and 2% merlot, it’s dry and crisp with notes of watermelon. I paired it with a cheese plate but this is equally delicious on its own, so refreshing this time of year. It also has a screw cap, making it super easy to take on the go without having to tote a wine opener. Even better, it’s only $11!

    Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Riesling

    I’ve been a fan of their dry riesling for years, listing it in my Best Wine Buys Under $15 post. I had actually never tried the original riesling, assuming it would be too sweet for my taste.  It’s more medium dry, with notes of apple. I loved this with grilled fish and it would be great with a spicy meal like Thai. I previously leaned towards German rieslings, but Chateau Ste. Michelle took that spot. If you need to decide which riesling you would like post, the back of the bottle for Chateau Ste. Michelle has an indicator to show you whether the wine is more dry or more sweet. I really like the flavor of Washington state riesling and this would be a crowd pleaser at your next cookout.  Find it for under $10!

    Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Chardonnay

    This chardonnay is aged in oak barrels, with grapes sourced from different climates around Washington, which makes this Chardonnay more unique in flavor compared to others. This has notes of oak and citrus, this would pair great with barbecue, salmon or pasta with a cream based sauce. Snag this one for $11.

    Whether you’re an avid wine drinker or selecting a wine is confusing to you, these are all a good bet.  I tasted these with my mom (quite the aficionado when it comes to tastings) and my friend (likes wine, not super into tasting and selecting) and myself (I’m somewhere in the middle) and we all thoroughly enjoyed these. If you’re ever unsure which wine to buy, ask a friend you know has similar taste with knowledge about different wines. Also, many stores have the Wine Enthusiast points listed for the ones rated highly, which is a great indication of a good wine (the aforementioned Chardonnay was given a 90). If all else fails and you happen to come home with a crappy wine, make a spritzer by adding sparkling water!

    What are your favorite summer wines?  You know I’m always ready to try more!

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