Summer Break … or Summer School?

Summer Break … or Summer School?

With the school year coming to an end, pictures of kids making Honor Roll and receiving academic awards, achievements and recognitions are all over my social media feed. I see many kids smiling on stage with their teacher for the highest grade point average in a class and others holding up a plaque for an athletic award, but what about the other kids? You know, the ones who are hanging onto each minute before their final grades are turned in and praying for a miracle that they did enough to pass for the year.

I am a mother to both types of kids that I’ve described. One of my kids is in the top of his class and attended multiple end of the year banquets and was celebrated for his achievements. My other child has been studying for weeks, having sessions with tutors, and doing everything it takes so he doesn’t have to repeat the grade or have to go to another school next year. It’s been an exhausting past few weeks when the probability of summer school is the best outcome. Having two completely opposite children makes me feel like I’m winning and failing at motherhood at the same time!

So Mama, if you are on the struggle bus with me waiting for those last few grades to trickle in to determine your fate for the summer … know that you are NOT alone! And don’t question yourself whether YOU did enough. My kid’s therapist recently told me that there is only so much I can do and even though I knew that, hearing someone else say it gave me some peace.

If your child has to go to summer school or repeat a grade, don’t beat yourself up over it. It happens to more kids than you think, and it’s not something to be ashamed of.

Has your child had to attend summer school or repeat a grade before?


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