Taking Solo Trips for my Sanity

Taking a trip solo

Burnout is so real. From motherhood, marriage, jobs, and friendships, it is easy to always be in power mode. I was always told that you know things are right when you feel that sense of peace, yet once or twice a year, that peace never seems to appear. It felt like time kept moving, and I watched it fly by.

I finally sat down and watched a movie where a woman picked a random travel place. No plans. No real thought. She just picked a location, booked a ticket, and left.

I wanted to know how I could make that happen.

I looked online for plane tickets and saw a great deal for Miami. I had only gone once before, but I remember my peace lying on the beach and listening to the water flow.

That was it. I was going to do it.

Things that I had to consider:

How do you plan around work and school? Life is demanding, and my constant need to pack on all these goals has always been a struggle. Juggling a 9-5 while in grad school and running a catering business is a lot – but what meant more was taking a step back, so I could be better for all that was on my plate.

How to tell my partner?

I knew telling my husband that he would have a couple of days with all three girls by himself was not going to go over well. Explaining my reasoning and all the benefits of having a happy wife would be the way to smooth things over.

You don’t always need an itinerary in life. You don’t have to have a plan, and it is okay to shut everything down and do something to bring you back to who you once were. I always remind myself that everything will still be there when I return.

When I told my friends, they thought I was out of my mind. “ How can you just go alone?” “Isn’t it weird sitting in restaurants by yourself?” “Do you want company?” Being an only child, I have always been okay with doing things alone.

From restaurants to movies, it never was something that I even thought twice about. Why should traveling be any different?

I ate at the best restaurants, joined a group on a banana boat in the blue water, enjoyed laying on the beach with a book, and I even fell asleep.

Every mom should take a solo trip at least once a year.

Taking solo trips allows…
You come to know yourself more intimately.
You can rest without the guilt.
You have time to be creative and work on something you love

I came back with not only peace but with happiness. I felt like I had a little time to breathe, and no one questioned me.

Solo trips will be something that I continue to do.

Mentally, it provided me with meaning and time to reflect. We often feel guilty for not being there with the kids, but it is honestly better for the kids that you take that time to rejuvenate and find yourself. When you are your best self, you can, in turn, be a better self for your family.

So go! Pick a place, eat great food, and spend time being exactly who you want to be.


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