So What Exactly is Men’s Work? {Part 2}

Please note :: this post follows an introductory post on what men crave.

What is Men’s Work? 

Imagine walking into a room and there’s a circle of men having a discussion about managing emotions in a way that is grounded and conscious. Or imagine that there’s an embodiment exercise geared toward using breath to regulate stress and feel into core needs rather than an overthinking mind. Maybe there’s a conversation on relationship dynamics and how to serve our partners in ways they feel deeply seen, felt, and understood.  

What men’s work is, simply put, is good men improving their lives through a deepening of purpose, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and embodied behavior. They shift their energetic state through the support of other men. Men’s work is life transformation. 

That is the basic definition of Men’s Work in the lineage in which I practice and lead. 

The majority of men who I work with in group and in one on one settings are typically successful men who have a desire to shift or deepen some part of their life. It’s not recovery work so much as life advancement. It’s about learning to live as and create the kind of life a man deeply desires or dreams of living. 

With men’s circles, we get to do something even more powerful than can be found in other spaces.

Men who want to be held accountable to reach exceptional goals are held to reach them.  

Men who are trying to change the trajectory of a relationship and shift patterns and behaviors can learn how to do so.  

We get to learn practices that enable us to feel into the depths of our hearts and live from a more honest and embodied state. 

We get to explore how emotions work, where they come from, and what our beliefs and stories are that are creating the emotions that we struggle to work with consciously. 

Some men realize they’re not serving their partner’s emotional needs and need help learning how to do so. 

Many men are unaware of their own needs, so coming to a place of self-awareness is a crucial part of Men’s Work.

All of this is what we explore in Men’s Workspaces and it is absolutely changing lives.  

Whether men access this work through church groups, men’s work leaders, or even on an individual path, what is happening within the world of masculinity is hugely important. 

The men’s work movement has been growing exponentially since the late 80’s when it picked up energy. There are now men’s workgroups in every city. There are men’s work immersions being led around the world. 

The work of creating a more grounded and conscious masculine is critical and will have an impact that can change generations. 

As we raise our children, we can bring these ideas forward and give them the tools they need to serve their relationships and the world at large, through a radically different way of being. 

It’s healing work and it’s exactly the kind of work women have been desiring for a long time. 

So here’s to the men doing the work and here’s to any man who takes on the torch of forging a new path with the way he serves his world. 

Max Trombly New OrleansAbout the Author

Max Trombly is a Men’s Work facilitator and relationship and life coach based in New Orleans. He has been leading men’s groups since 2016. You can learn more about his men’s circles or personal coaching at You can also follow him on Instagram.


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