Shiftgig :: Allowing Moms to Work on Their Own Terms

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Shiftgig :: Allowing Moms to Work on Their Own Terms

The temperatures are dropping (finally!), the autumn sun is shining and oyster season is in full-swing. It’s Fall in New Orleans and that means several things for us moms: the kids are backShiftgig at school and the holiday season will be here before we know it. The two realities seem unrelated but actually go hand-in-hand in a lot of ways.

With the kids at school, we have a few, precious extra (well-deserved) hours of peace and quiet that we have all been craving since school got out. Of course, many of us are spending those hours being the super-moms we always are and are – working, volunteering and running errands for our families – but some of us may find that we still have some extra time on our hands.

Our suggestion for spending those hours? Earn some extra money for the holidays with Shiftgig.

As the war for talent heats up and a new generation redefines work, today’s businesses are turning to less traditional work arrangements to complement their full-time workforce.  Flexible, part-time work is not only a lot more available than it used to be, it’s easier to manage in part thanks to the dramatic rise of on-demand apps. With apps like Shiftgig, shiftgigpart-time workers, (like us moms), have the opportunity to work when we want, where we want and for whom we want. Shiftgig launched in New Orleans this past summer and is actively building its team of employees – “Specialists” – for temporary and part-time work during this busy season. App users make on average $9 – $14 per hour – enough to take some serious stress off your wallet this holiday season.

This Fall, Shiftgig is offering its Specialists consistent shift opportunities in banquet serving, line cooking, bartending and kitchen deep-cleaning. Shiftgig also has more unique opportunities,  varying from oyster shucking to King Cake assembling to bridal attending.

“We’ve employed a lot of moms already and find that they like us for two main reasons,” explains Kim Smith, the General Manager of Shiftgig’s New Orleans office. “First, the flexibility is unparalleled; by picking up shifts through our mobile app, our moms can set their own work schedules around their other obligations. Second, we’ve met a lot of moms who used to bartend or serve back when they were in school. They don’t want to do it now on a full-time basis, but they love working a few fun shifts a month at interesting venues to relive those days.”

Kim’s team has worked events at the WW2 Museum, the Ogden Museum, the Mint, the Board of Trade, the Pontchartrain Center, Civic Theater, the airport, Convention Center and beyond. Most of Shiftgig’s opportunities are in the CBD or French Quarter, but they’ve also had gigs from Mandeville to Luling to the West Bank.

Heather Schexnayder is a mother of two active daughters, a professional in the Records and Information Management (RIM) field and a recent graduate of Tulane University. In her (limited) free time, sg_momblog-single-2Heather looks to Shiftgig for extra server work. “The flexibility of being able to select when and where to work relieves a lot of the anxiety I experience when faced with juggling more than one employer’s set schedule,” she explains. “I have had a second job within the service industry in the past, but Shiftgig, by far, makes the most sense with my schedule. The shifts I claim allow me to work when it is convenient and the extra money helps with activities that I otherwise could not afford.”

The other reason Heather uses Shiftgig? For networking; “Not only do I get to meet and work with the most professional service industry specialists, I am able to provide excellent service to Shiftgig’s clients all over my city.”

Shift work certainly isn’t for everyone, but it’s accessibility and flexibility does provide us moms with unique opportunities to work and earn money when we really need it (like the holiday season). So get out there and enjoy the autumn breeze with a little extra peace of mind and money in your pocket!

Interested in working on your own terms?

Find out more about Shiftgig HERE


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