Remembering Sandy Hook

I still remember where I was when I heard the news. At the hospital, in a patient’s room distracted by the horrific news on the screen. Another school shooting, this time the victims were amongst the youngest, aged 6 and 7 years old. I was not a parent when Sandy Hook happened, 7 years ago. At the time, I could not imagine sending your child to school, a safe place, only to find out his life was extinguished in that very safe place.

Living in fear

I am a parent now and the fear is real. Dropping my kids off at what I think is a safe place, I often wonder, what if it is the last time I see them? What if the unthinkable happens? My older daughter now has lockdown drills at school, in preparation for the unimaginable. She is only 4. I have had to tell her what to do if a “bad man with a gun” comes to her school. Bulletproof backpacks are out there for purchase. Since Sandy Hook, there have been multiple other school shootings over the years.

Is this the new reality?

I write this not to create controversy over the second amendment, but rather to remember the innocent lives lost. No matter what side of the gun argument you are on, (those who know me are aware of my views) at some point you must ask yourself – is this the life we want for our children? To be doing lockdown drills at age 4? To be contemplating buying a bulletproof backpack? Our children are not going off to war – they are going to school. We owe our kids a better, safer childhood. One that doesn’t involve fear of the unthinkable.

We need to make it stop

All parents want to protect their kids. I know I would do anything in order to help my kids stay safe.


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