Prom 2020:: Quarantine Edition

My daughter is a junior in high school. We have discussed her upcoming prom for months. Obviously it was canceled, and rightfully so. Unfortunately her disappoint is still there. Our family has been hit hard by this virus like so many others, but she has been a rock staying on top of her school work, helping me around the house, and trying to stay positive.

My Mood Needed to Change

Up until the last few days, I would see posts regarding caravan birthday parties or Moms Night In Zoom meetings, and I would just keep scrolling, not exactly in the mood. I felt that with everything going on around me, there wasn’t much to celebrate. For Easter we did a little something, but it was hard for me to get motivated with so much suffering going on around me. I mean, is a Junior Prom all that important? Well, it is! I should’ve been feeling the exact opposite. With all the big picture, scary stuff happening, now is the time to take stock and FIND little things to celebrate. I began to look at my news feed differently. My daughter may not be able to get ready with her friends, go out to eat, and drive to the Prom together, but she can still have a night of happiness.

Putting It Together

I asked a few friends for ideas, and to my surprise, my friend Christina was setting up a prom for her daughter, who is a senior, on the same night! Christina is the Regional Marketing Director for Vessel Nola and was able to use the (now empty) restaurant. She was supplying chips, dip, music and an awesome ambiance for her daughter and date to have their moment. The two Seniors, decked out in their tux and gown, would have their Prom on the outdoor patio while the parents would hang out inside with wine. Unfortunately I don’t have a restaurant at my disposal, but I took her ideas and decided the necessary aspects of a prom are fancy clothes, food, decorations, a photo spot, and most importantly MUSIC! My daughter made a playlist and sent it to me. She set up a Zoom meeting with her friends to “get ready” together. I picked up Cane’s (my daughters fave) for dinner. I ran by Target for a $6 pink backdrop and some pink balloons and felt ready to go!

The Time Arrives

My daughter spent an hour chitchatting with friends while doing her hair and makeup. We hung up the back drop, set out the Cane’s, and all rushed to get dolled up! Yes my husband, my son, my youngest daughter and myself all put on our fanciest attire! We began the music, and my son escorted her out to her Prom. She cracked up that my husband was wearing a tux and pretty much immediately starting dancing on our makeshift dance floor (living room rug). We told her there was Cane’s, so everyone sat down to eat. We spent the next two hours dancing away with strobe lights playing from the T.V. She had made the most perfect playlist complete with each of our favorite songs. We took pictures with every cheesy dance pose we could think of. We all tried to do the worm and even some Tik Tok moves. She closed out her playlist with everybody jamming to Brown Eyed Girl. The next morning, I told her I want to have a prom at home every year, and she agreed.

My Realization

At this insane moment in time, we need as much happy as we can get. Your anniversary, birthday, prom, (or even that you made it another week without strangling your spouse) are all things worth celebrating. Whether you celebrate with Cane’s and a bomb Spotify playlist or an empty restaurant with a delicious four course meal, make it happen. Sometimes you have to make your own happy!

Becky Meany
Becky is a New Orleans girl who has recently moved to Covington with her husband, Chad, and three children ages 17, 12 and 4. Becky dedicates her time coaching Youth Run Nola and cheerleading. She enjoys marching in parades with her daughter, being outdoors with her son and attempting to keep up with her 4 going on 14 year old! She is a self-proclaimed nerd and enjoys all things Batman and Harry Potter. Becky’s passions are being a positive role model and mentor for children. When she does have kid free time her favorite things to do are playing Cards Against Humanity with friends at home or day drinking with her husband on Frenchman. During football season you’ll see her decked out in all things black and gold in section 613 of the Dome.


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