Preschool Programs in New Orleans :: Submit Your Early Childhood Application by March 10th

New Orleans Early Childhood Applications

If you’d like to enroll your child in an early childhood center for next school year, the application for publicly-funded programs is now open. Similar to the process for K-12 enrollment, you will complete one application to indicate your top choices. Click here to start your application now.

Publicly-funded programs include:

  • Early Head Start for ages 0-2
  • Head Start for ages 3-4
  • NOEEN-City Seats for ages 0-3
  • Pre-K 4 in public schools across Orleans Parish, including free and tuition-funded spots
  • Pre-K 3 at a very small number of public schools

I know, it sounds like a lot of options, and yes, preschool here is quite complicated. The good news is that the application itself is straightforward and walks you through your different options.

Do I Need to Fill It Out?

If you have a 0-4 year old, complete the application if you’re interested in any of the programs noted above. You can also complete the application if you are expecting a child before next fall. (If your child turns 5 by the end of September they are eligible for kindergarten, rather than an early childhood seat. Learn more about K-12 public school applications here.)

If your child is already enrolled in an early childhood program and you want them to continue at the same site next year, then you probably don’t need to complete this application. However, I always recommend confirming with your child’s center to be sure.

Due Date and Supporting Documents

  • Applications are due March 10th, 2023. Once you’ve decided on your site preferences, the actual application does not require much time.
  • You need to submit additional documents with your application to verify your child’s age, to show that you are a parent or guardian, and to confirm your address. If you are applying for a program that is not tuition-based, you will also need to verify family income.

School Options

  • New Orleans has many great options for publicly-funded early childhood programs. You can search for schools on this site. Filter for your child’s age and click on the name of any program to learn more about it.
  • Request a site visit. Many places are offering in person as well as virtual tours this year. Take this list of questions with you to help you learn more about each school.

Questions and Support

You can ask questions directly from the enrollment portal, or you can email [email protected]. If you prefer in-person support, you can visit a Family Resource Center Mon-Fri (times vary by location).

Does your child attend an early childhood center that you love? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

Maya lives in New Orleans with her husband, two daughters, and their beloved fur baby. She has 15 years of experience working in early childhood education, including roles in schools, local nonprofits, and state government. Maya currently works as a curriculum developer, where she gets to focus on one of her top interests, which is teaching reading. Her other top interests include her girls (of course), podcasts and audiobooks, anything outdoors in warm weather, and experimenting with new recipes.


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