The Perks of Living on the Parade Route

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The Perks of Living on the Parade Route

Carnival season is here! Everyone is busy gearing up for parades by staking out the perfect spots for enjoying the festivities, stocking up on juice boxes for the little ones and beer for you, and getting their purple, green and gold ready.

The perks of living on the parade route are highly-coveted during Carnival season for so many reasons. Not everyone has this luxury, but those that do may be scrambling around a little less than you during parade season.

The recently transitioned apartments to luxury condominiums at 1201 Canal are located in the heart of New Orleans, perfectly situated for viewing New Orleans most renowned Mardi Gras parades, including Endymion, Bacchus,and Zulu.

Location, Location, Location

No longer will you have to go out searching hours before the parades to track down a small spot to lay out your your tarp and set up your childrens’ viewing ladders! Simply walk out of your apartment and you’re only feet away from the parades safely behind the barricades.

We all could use a drink refresher, a snack and a bathroom break between parades. Lucky for 1201 residents and their guests, they can just run up to their condo and enjoy convenient hotel-style amenities. No more searching for public restrooms or dealing with dreadful porta potties. 1201 Canal’s location means you will spend more time enjoying the parades!

Mardi Gras Parking- The Envy of all New Orleanians

1201 Canal’s condominiums come with a bounty of perks that add convenience and luxury to your everyday life, especially during Mardi Gras season. Parking during parades is always a hassle and can result in wasted time and headaches trying to find a spot – not to mention cost you some serious cash. 1201 Canal’s residents avoid the nightmare of finding a parking spot thanks to residential parking that includes 24-hour valet and security. This may just be one of the most coveted Mardi Gras perks 1201 Canal has to offer!


As much fun as Mardi Gras can be, sometimes you just need a break or a moment of relaxation, especially if you are a mom. The rooftop pool and lounge are at 1201 Canal offers panoramic views of downtown New Orleans. The rooftop area is also an exquisite place to view the parades roll by, without having to deal with madness of the crowds providing a great and safe way for your kids to enjoy the parades. The pool will become a necessity as the summer months bring unbearable heat and humidity.


Finally, king cake consumption is at an all time high in New Orleans as we speak. 1201 Canal’s modern fitness center can help offset those regrettably consumed calories and help you get your beach body back for the spring and summer months!

Residing near the parade route has been long sought after by Mardi Gras lovers and patrons, as it makes enjoying the holiday much more enjoyable and stress free. If you’re unhappy with your current residence this year, 1201 Canal’s condominiums may just be the perfect remedy.

With the expansion of streetcar lines, the addition of restaurants, shops, entertainment, and places to call home, upper Canal Street is experiencing the rebirth as the mecca it once was. Being on the parade route is just one of the many perks of residing in the area throughout the year.

1201 Canal’s residential parking, rooftop pool, and fitness room will only make your Mardi Gras more enjoyable. Contact 1201 Canal today to learn more about condominiums available for purchase. 


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