Our Favorite Splurges for Under $100

Whether you’re adding to your gift list or planning to treat yourself, these splurges will not disappoint. The below list sums up tried-and-true favorites from the New Orleans Mom team, all for under $100 (or close). You’ll see we know just what moms need.

mom's favorite splurges under $100

1) Moms need high-quality headphones. For music, work-from-home meetings, and clearly for tuning out our family members, if you go a little over budget you can opt for a noise-cancelling feature.

2) Moms need comfort and efficiency to meet high fashion. Whether we’re chasing after our children or sneaking away for a date night, these are a few of our go-to options.

3) Moms need stress-reducing aromatherapy. We may not have time to sneak away to the spa, but we can certainly lock ourselves in the bathroom.

4) Moms need effective skincare. Let’s face it, we don’t get the sleep we desire, but we’re damn good at hiding it.

5) Moms need some excitement to show up on auto-pilot. These subscription boxes are the perfect trick.

6) Moms need to stay hydrated. All kinds of hydration are equally important for moms.

spoil mom

What else do moms need? Share your favorite splurge for under $100 in the comments below.

Maya lives in New Orleans with her husband, two daughters, and their beloved fur baby. She has 15 years of experience working in early childhood education, including roles in schools, local nonprofits, and state government. Maya currently works as a curriculum developer, where she gets to focus on one of her top interests, which is teaching reading. Her other top interests include her girls (of course), podcasts and audiobooks, anything outdoors in warm weather, and experimenting with new recipes.


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