On A Good Day…

On a good day, I wake up with sweet words to my precious children.

On a good day, breakfast is served with little battle or resistance.

On a good day, I get dressed and wear clothes that make me feel like a person.

On a great day, I get to put on makeup.

On a good day, I diffuse all situations with a loving but firm hand-I can feel softness and love in my own voice and sense it with my touch – I am in control.

On a good day, I accomplish a few chores and Tad walks into an uncluttered space.

On a good day, I remember to defrost the chicken…

On a good day, neither Tad nor I have a meeting and we get to manage our time on our terms.

On a good day, bath time is without raised voices.

On a good day, my son’s eczema is clear.

On a good day, prayers are said over the kids with thought and reverence.

On a good day, no one gets out of bed once tucked in.

On a good day, Tad and I get to talk about things that matter or don’t matter either way.

On a good day, I can lay my head on my pillow with a sense of calm and content knowing that I did my very best to provide everything humanly possible to my kids and husband, retreating in the knowledge that they felt the love of the most influential woman in their lives at the moment.

On a good day, I pray as I fall asleep … usually that tomorrow will be another good day.


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