13 Problems Crunchy Moms Will Understand

To a lot of people, I would be considered a crunchy mom, but to many others, who are far more crunchy than myself, I am likely considered mainstream. I don’t really care either way, and I don’t mean to put moms in a box or label them. That said, there are a few issues that the crunchy side of me has to deal with that the “My kids are eating goldfish in front of the TV so I can write this post” side of me would likely never have to endure.

Below, I present a lighthearted look at some of the problems crunchy moms face. And I use the term “problems” loosely.

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What other #crunchymomproblems would you add? 

Myndee is a 35ish year old New Orleans area native. She's an author, speaker and self-love advocate. As an introverted extrovert, Myndee loves being part of the generation where most of her friends live in her computer. She and her husband, Luis, live just outside the city with their three kids.


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