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I wrote this post end of July while I was home with Covid. I think it was day 8. I started to get some energy back and the body aches were gone. Apparently, I only had enough energy to draft this post because I didn’t publish it … Oops!!! It took another couple of days for me to start feeling 100%. My son came home (he stayed with grandma for 10 days) and life got right back to the “normal” routine. We had travel ball tryouts and back to school. My favorite PawPaw was in the hospital fighting his own covid battle. He made some progress and fought hard, but he peacefully (and heartbreakingly) passed three weeks later. I also have a full-time job. Then hurricane what’s her name stormed through. And once again I found myself with limited things to do/places to go, then I remembered…

You never published the Top 10 Movie post!

I don’t know about you mamas, but post-hurricane nights were spent with AirPods and Schitt’s Creek reruns for the 1,000th time on my iPhone with a glass of wine (or three) … whatever works! Electricity and internet is now back for some of us, but we still have friends who have a wait ahead of them. If you find yourself with downtime and want to watch a good ADULT movie, this is my top 11 list of quarantine / evacuation / hunkered down / alone time movies. These are not kid movies. These are “reprieve” grownup movies. Eight of these movies I categorized “hidden gems” because I had never heard of them before. One had a familiar title and two were released in 2021. So here it is,

My Top 11 Covid / Hurricane Reprieve Grown-ups Only Dramas:

  1. Miss Sloane (Netflix-July): this was my favorite obviously. Jessica Chastain is a queen. I’m pretty sure anything I’ve ever watched with John Lithgow or Sam Waterston belongs in the love category. This one gives you both at the same time.
  2. The Interpreter (Netflix-July): I don’t think we appreciate Nicole Kidman enough. And I love she’s also everywhere. Sean Penn was a welcomed surprise.
  3. False Positive (Hulu-July): this was one of my favorites. I found the plot original, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie with a similar storyline. This was my first Justin Theroux movie. This one also has Pierce Brosnan. WOW, it’s really good.
  4. The Losers (Netflix-September): I need to research if there’s a follow-up because it definitely ends like there will be a follow-up and there should be a follow-up. Also, Zoe Saldana, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Chris Evans. HOLY HOTNESS!!!
  5. The Whole Truth (Netflix-July): this one surprised me. The setting is a Jefferson Parish courtroom. The cast is Keanu, Renee, and Jim. You won’t be disappointed.
  6. Kill the Messenger (Netflix-July): the only one I heard of before. It took me a minute but then I had the memory. I love movies like this one, exposing the truths through journalism. Really makes you wonder “what don’t we know”…
  7. The Last Thing He Wanted (Netflix-July): Ben Affleck is my celebrity crush, so not really sure how I missed this one. Also, excuse me, hi Anne Hathaway. Phenomenal performances by both as usual.
  8. The Little Things (HBOmax-July): I wasn’t sure I would like the dynamics of the cast but the cast was also why I wanted to watch the movie (Jared, Rami, Denzel). They did the thing real good.
  9. State of Play (Netflix-July): sorry not sorry but it’s Ben again! Russell and Rachel are in this one too. Another really good journalistic drama.
  10. The Clovehitch Killer (Hulu-July): this was one of those movies collecting dust for months. Not sure why I waited so long to watch. I think I thought it would be cheesy, and what better time to watch a cheesy movie when you’re stuck at home with nothing to do. It was actually quite good. Dylan McDermott plays drama well.
  11. Blood Red Sky (Netflix-July): I surprised myself with this one. It’s my least favorite on this list but it actually wasn’t bad. It was weird but I watched the whole thing. I really wanted to know how it ended and the plot did keep me engaged. Some relatable #boymom moments that may have made me cry a little bit…

SERIES BONUS: if you like dry humor, witty weirdness, and borderline inappropriateness, DEFINITELY check out The White Lotus limited series (HBOmax).


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