Momma, Are You Thriving or Surviving During Quarantine?

As moms, we are constantly under some sort of pressure. Make sure the kids eat healthy, do great in school and excel in an extracurricular. I could go on because surely it doesn’t end just there. However, during this “new normal” the pressure on us moms is off the charts.

I don’t know about you but when I log onto social media, I see everyone’s highlight reel and I feel like I’m not doing enough. The mosaic sidewalk chalk, the smiling family portraits for the Front Porch Project, and all the home improvements can make me feel like I’m not doing enough for my family during this quarantine.

But then I have to remind myself, there is no award for #1 Quarantine Mom.

We are now a month into this and I have slowly realized that I don’t thrive during this quarantine like others, I just survive.

And I’ve finally come to accept that it’s 100% OK. I’ve drastically lowered my expectations for myself. I am not the mom making the most of this time with homemade crafts and science experiments on the daily.

These are hard times. We are quarantined to our home or just our home and our work (if you are an essential worker). And this is going to go on for another month at least. Say that again, another MONTH. Just saying that makes me start to twitch a little bit.

The most important thing during this crazy time is that my family is healthy. So to those who are able to do all the things and then some, you do you and I’ll do me.

My kids won’t be eating themed meals based off the letter of the day followed by a coordinated afternoon activity. However, my kids will have done all their schoolwork (albeit with some tears, of course), be fed and get muddy playing outside.

This is my truth during this trying and difficult “new normal.”  

After accepting this, I’m happy to see other moms thrive during this time.

But Momma, if you are just surviving, that’s more than alright! Come sit by me, let’s chat.

Mary Olivio
Mary is a caffeine addicted boy mom to Noah, Liam and Luke. This “stay at home” mom can typically been found cruising in her minivan, jamming to Beyonce with a Starbucks in hand on her way to carpool or after school activities. Mary has been married to her high school sweetheart since 2007. She is a founder of Delivering Hope NOLA and the Vanessa Wolff Scholarship Fund at her Alma Mater. Mary is passionate in the local preemie community and has been heavily involved with the March of Dimes since her sons Liam and Luke were born premature.


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