Mom Travel Tip :: Use BabyQuip!

We are approaching summer travel season, and I want to share one of my favorite mom hacks to make traveling easy peasy. It’s the website Baby Quip. Baby Quip is essentially an “uber” for baby equipment and supplies. You can use it to rent baby items from actual owners throughout the country. Items can be delivered to you locally or picked up.

I don’t know about you, but for me, one of the stressors of traveling with babies or young kids is the amount of stuff we need to pack and bring with us. Baby Quip eliminates traveling with bulky items, overpacking, or relying on unfamiliar items.

How Does it Work?

You can search the website’s database for your vacation destination. So, if you are traveling to Charleston, South Carolina in June, you can put in your destination and exact dates, and the website will populate all of the providers listed in that area with items available. You can also filter if you are looking for specific items. Items can be delivered to you for an additional fee or you can opt to pick up.

We prefer to fly when traveling and with two young children, the headache and cost of trying to pack items for air travel is overwhelming. This website has solved this headache for me!


What items are available? Almost everything you can think of! Everything from cribs, strollers, toys, feeding gear.

Costs? The providers set their own rates so you will have to pay attention to each person’s item costs.

Cleanliness? BabyQuip has strict cleaning and sanitizing requirements. I have never had an issue.

My Experience

I have used BabyQuip several times, and it has drastically leveled my packing stress when traveling. One of my most helpful rentals was for a family vacation where I was trying to avoid traveling with my bulky double stroller and a car seat, but I needed a car seat and stroller solution for my baby at our destination. BabyQuip to the rescue! I was able to rent a Doona for our trip and solved my stroller and car seat issues. I picked it up through contactless pickup the day before our trip and returned it to the provider’s porch the day after returning from vacation.

We have a beach trip planned at the end of this month and I’ll be using BabyQuip again. With 2 adults, 2 car seats and suitcases, I simply can’t fit all of the additional stuff we need for my 2 and 3 year old. We will have a wagon, pack-n-play, SlumberPod and beach toys waiting for us when we arrive!

Have you tried BabyQuip yet?


Danielle Blanco
Danielle is a native New Orleanian. She graduated from Ben Franklin and attended the University of New Orleans' undergraduate and graduate schools. She and her husband Abraham married in 2017 and welcomed their son Blaise in 2019 and son Beckham in 2021. She balances motherhood with working full time as the Director of People and Culture in the local healthcare and education industries. She is learning to embrace the chaos of life as a Mom. Danielle’s current struggle is navigating preschool options for her oldest and managing the endless appetite of her youngest. This type-A mama can usually be found on the go with a to-do list and a plan. She enjoys trying new things, thrifting, and is always in the middle of glittering or a DIY project. Additionally, she never turns down a happy hour or beach vacation. She is excited to experience New Orleans as a mom and is truly proud to call it home.


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