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Whether you forgot to check your list twice, or work best under pressure, you’re in the right place. It’s no secret that New Orleans is home to many talented artists. Luckily for us last-minute shoppers, handmade goods make great gifts. Read on to find out where to purchase unique, thoughtful gifts with zero shipping delays.

Art Market Line-Up

Tuesday, Dec 14: 

Wednesday, Dec 15:

Thursday, Dec 16

Saturday, Dec 18

Sunday, Dec 19

What to Buy?

At an art market, you’re guaranteed to find inspiration at any price point. Here are a few gifting themes to get you started.

Cheese plate, minus the cheese. Think jam, honey, pickles, nuts, and a wood or ceramic serving plate. If you see Poché Family Farm I recommend their blueberry jam and candied jalapenos.

A plant and a pot. There are some plants that only need to be watered once a month. (Proof: they’re still alive in my house.) If you can find Love and Oddities they’ll tell you which plant-babies suit your parenting style.

A travel bag for travel inspo. Check out these options from local designer Passion Lilie. We’re all hoping to get out a bit more this year, and these are also great vessels for adding another surprise inside the bag. (Gift-in-a-gift never gets old.)

Workspace beautification. Perhaps you’re gifting to a colleague, a student, or anyone who sits at a desk too many hours a day. Consider a gift that combines form and function like a Louisiana earth pigments calendar by Heather Bird Harris.

Cards. They pair nicely with the aforementioned gifts, and you can find some gorgeous, unique designs like these from Lionheart Prints. In fact, if the rest of this list is stressing you out, just get a card already and put some cash inside. Shopping done.

What unique or handmade items have you found at a local market lately? Where will you be shopping this week?

Maya lives in New Orleans with her husband, two daughters, and their beloved fur baby. She has 15 years of experience working in early childhood education, including roles in schools, local nonprofits, and state government. Maya currently works as a curriculum developer, where she gets to focus on one of her top interests, which is teaching reading. Her other top interests include her girls (of course), podcasts and audiobooks, anything outdoors in warm weather, and experimenting with new recipes.


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