Keeping the Happy Memories Alive with the Front Porch Project

Max Trombly Fine Art Family Photography

I almost hate to admit this…..but here goes: my family has not taken professional pictures in 4 years! I know I just betrayed my whole generation by admitting that my family does NOT trek to City Park or random locations in the French Quarter bi-annually in coordinated outfits for mini sessions with one of our many popular local photographers. There really isn’t a good reason why I haven’t prioritized it. It just never seemed to be a convenient time. Well then a global pandemic hit and a local photographer presented an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up. Our family participated in Front Porch Portraits, and it was an amazing experience.


“At a time when family matters most, the value in capturing our togetherness is important.” ~ Max Trombly, Fine Art Family Photographer

We are all suppose to be hunkered down in our homes with our immediate families. Neither my husband nor I are in an essential field working on the front lines in any capacity. Our family has been isolated from the outside world and therefore has bonded like we have never truly done before. I feel grateful to have a third party capture us in the midst of being in our bubble. We have a memory to treasure.


Posing for portraits is a sign of our hope. We are showing that we are not cowering in our home afraid and miserable, we are still happy and smiling. We are looking ahead to the future as a family. We are printing portraits to hang in our home because we know that we will again entertain our friends and extended family.


There is beauty in being still and lounging together comfortably. However, every single member of the family (from the 5 year old to the 37 year old) was excited to get dressed in nice clothes and comb their hair. We admired ourselves and each other getting ready for the portraits. It is so wonderful having photos of our family in front of our home that we love so much. It is a beautiful documentation of not just us at this time, but also our home.

Quarantine is the best of times and the worst of times. Being cooped up for 30+ days certainly has it’s challenges. Front Porch Portraits captures the best of times. That is what I want to remember years down the road. There is something special about seeing not just us, but our friends and neighbors being captured in their own personal space.

Amanda Blaum
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