It’s Fall Y’all {Pier 1 Imports Sponsored Review and Giveaway}

    While we received compensation to facilitate this review, all opinions are our own, and we only partner with businesses and brands that are “New Orleans Moms Blog approved!” Three of us recently had the opportunity to check out the fall offerings at Pier 1 Imports. Even with our varied taste in home decor, we each had success finding fun items for our home. If there’s one complaint about Pier 1, it’s the fact that there is a LOT of glass at toddler level and no grocery carts in which to contain them (the toddlers, that is) … but if you’re shopping alone, of course that’s not an issue! The upside to shopping with kids is that you only have as long as the lollipop lasts, thereby preventing you from spending more than you want.


    I’ve always had somewhat of a love affair with Pier 1’s Christmas ornaments. In fact, virtually our entire tree is done in Pier 1 and I’ve added to it over time. Pier 1’s ornament selection is photofun, the quality is solid, and I really like that so many of the choices are non-breakable, an important factor with kids! I’ve also had a lot of luck using some of their decorative balls as ornaments; I think I paid maybe a dollar or two for a bunch of glittered balls (that I assume are meant to be displayed in bowls or glass vases), added hooks to them and voila! Christmas ornaments. That’s about as crafty as I get.

    Besides Christmas, I’ve really never been one to go crazy with holiday decorations or accessories. I tend to throw a seasonal and festive object on the front door and call it a day. That said, while I was browsing Pier 1 a few weeks ago, I was really tempted to throw a Halloween party just to have an excuse to buy some of the things they had on display. I also saw some simple and fun items that would transition really easily from Halloween to Thanksgiving. I was a tad disappointed that the holiday candles weren’t yet out, as I’ve always found that Pier 1 candles burn well and smell divine, but they may be in stores by now.

    I’ve always had good luck at Pier 1 in terms of finding anything from cocktail napkins to candles to coasters. The large picture photo (3)frames in our kitchen are even from Pier 1, so it was fun to have the chance to shop for a few new things. If you need a quick gift or just a few things to spruce up your home for the holidays, check it out … we have several locations across New Orleans, so it’s a pretty accessible store here.

    And really … is there a better excuse to have a Halloween party than napkins that say “Drink Up, Witches?” I think not.


    I am pretty big on searching for good deals on household items (okay, I might be cheap), so I love stores that hit a variety of price points for holiday decor, serving platters, furniture, pillows and wall hangings. The aforementioned products are seriously some of my shopping weaknesses. Pier 1 has a huge assortment of home products and gifts that are affordable and, as an added bonus, it ALWAYS smells great in there.

    Yes, any store with a ton of glass is one big toddler booby trap; however, I managed to entertain my little one with a stuffed monkey and a lollipop while shoppier oneping. The employees at Pier 1 were very helpful. They kindly tried to help me find a side table I was interested in, checked prices for me on a holiday item, and interacted with my son for a moment while I was distracted trying to make serious shopping decisions. When all else failed, the little Pier 1 shopping baskets on wheels were seriously a jackpot for toddler entertainment (just watch out for those displays)! I must say I felt super accomplished when myself and my shopping companion made it out of the store with three children, nothing broken, and I landed a huge wall hanging for above my stairs at the reasonable price of $79.00.


    With a Pier 1 location right across the street from work, I used to drop in often, browsing during my lunch hour, most of the time picking up a candle or reed diffuser to put aside as a gift only to end up using it myself. Like both Ashley and Karen mentioned, with such a wide assortment of quality products, it’s always a great place to shop for shower and wedding gifts, not to mention the many Christmas ornaments and other holiday decor available.

    Since I was able to shop toddler-free this time, I took my time, perusing the store and taking in the different ideas to change up some of photo-24the rooms in my house, and also gathering ideas for decorating this fall and holiday season. I had every intention of purchasing some pumpkin scented candles to go along with a new fall wreath, but as I turned a corner, a dinnerware display caught my eye. Let’s just say the dinnerware we received for our wedding has seen better days, and I’d been on the hunt for a new set for a while, but nothing I had seen really jumped out to me. Until now. The employees were extremely patient with me as I asked tons of questions to whether the plates were dishwasher and microwave safe as I changed my mind at least fifty times before deciding on which set to buy. I finally decided on the set that would complement the colors in my kitchen the most and left knowing I’d be spending many more lunch hours browsing those aisles again in the near future!

    We are thrilled that one New Orleans Moms Blog reader will have the chance to win a $50 Pier 1 Imports gift card to enjoy this fall, too!

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