I’m Vaccinated, But My Kids Won’t Be

Disclaimer :: this is one mom’s opinion, and as with all parenting decisions we respect and invite all perspectives. As with and and all medical issues, please consult your trusted medical providers in New Orleans to receive the best information for your family. If you are seeking information on the COVID vaccine as it pertains to children, please see here.

I’m Vaccinated, But My Kids Won’t Be

Vaccine injection. Child getting a vaccine shot, close-up

After nearly two years of a pandemic, I am EXHAUSTED.

We have been masking, changing our lives, sheltering ourselves, and constantly stressing over making the “right” decision. Many times I felt like I would give anything to go back to our normal lives. My family has survived COVID, gone to work and school in masks, and taken more nasal swabs than I care to count. When the opportunity came to receive a vaccination I stressed, prayed, researched, and finally made the decision that receiving a COVID vaccine would be in my and my family’s best interest. I was nervous up until I sat in that chair and rolled up my sleeve; once my husband and I were vaccinated I had a sense of relief that things would be better and I was making the best decision for my family.

Now, nearly 8 months later the time has come to vaccinate my children who fall in the 5-11-year-old category. I have been agonizing over this decision since January and continuously leaned towards not vaccinating them. I have a plethora of reasons why I am not comfortable with them receiving this shot and it feels silly and hypocritical to make a different decision for them, but I CAN’T do it. We are not anti-vaxxers at all; my children receive most vaccines on a delayed/modified schedule created with my pediatrician that has kept them healthy and me comfortable since they were born. I research the potential side effects, we decline some combo shots, and we do one needle per visit based on their bodies and their reactions to previous vaccines. Based on my current research I cannot confidently vaccinate them at this time.

This decision is not easy; I do worry about them contracting COVID again. I am concerned about what this will mean for school and sports but I don’t feel like the research is extensive or long-term enough on young children in various age groups. My husband and I do know that there are risks with contracting COVID as we have all battled this sickness before. We are also willing to continue to have our kids mask, social distance and consistently test as precautionary measures in keeping our children and their friends safe.

I know that I am not the only Mom struggling with this decision. If you are having an internal argument please know you are not alone. This is all new and overwhelming and it feels like every decision is the wrong decision as we are constantly choosing between the lesser of two evils. So until we are ready we will mask, my husband and I will receive our boosters and we will continue to review research and move forward based on what we believe is right for our family. I hope that each of you finds peace with the decision you make for your family.


  1. Everyone I know citing “long term side effects” are unaware that “long term” for a vaccine is 2-6 weeks. Vaccines are not the same as taking a daily medication which builds in your system and creates long-term side effects. It’s just simply incorrect to think vaccines do. This shows whatever “research” has been done has probably just been done on facebook. That’s not what research is either. Simply put, not all parenting decisions are equal – some are downright ignorant, such as this one.

  2. Much respect!! It’s a very nuanced issue for each individual and it’s a shame that so many refuse to treat it as such. Your responsibility is to your children, first. Not the “herd.” Given the low risk for healthy children and the fact that the CDC has zero proof/record of someone being covid positive, getting better, becoming reinfected, and spreading it, I also wouldn’t worry about them infecting others, but I do appreciate the precautions you continue to take. Very thoughtfully written and I know it was not an easy decision to make, but I stand with you and support you! Brave and important post. I also have to say hats off to New Orleans Moms Blog for providing ALL perspectives. There are LOTS of “delayed schedule” types and even non-vaxxing moms in Nola, and of course a lot of moms who follow the CDC childhood schedule to the letter with no questions asked. It’s very cool and kind to represent everyone and I applaud you for that!


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