If I’m on the go, I’m at RaceTrac

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If I’m on the go, I’m at RaceTrac

RaceTrac is in the process of remodeling its entire fleet to create an updated and consistent brand experience; starting with its Louisiana stores and NOMB recently got to check it out. I instantly recognized that this is not your average convenience store.  The lighting in the entrance is akin to a modern gallery, bright and inviting.  It’s clean (yay for super clean restrooms!) and so much larger than you’d expect.  I found my eyes were darting around, not sure what I wanted to see first.  I can now say you’ll love it all.

FroYo Time!

My favorite, by far, is the frozen yogurt.  I was lactose intolerant as a kid, so froyo was the one regular treat I could have aside from snowballs.  I love all the options at RaceTrac, including the sorbet.  My favorite was the chocolate fudge (I’m a chocoholic!).  And the toppings are a topic all their own.  When I took my kids, they went bananas for all the options. Giant gummy bears, sprinkles, Oreos, they wanted it all.  Side note: our contributor Tara suggests a cone instead of cup for kids if you’re trying to limit the amount of toppings they can pile on.  Either way, it’s a fun family outing that had all the amenities of a stand-alone frozen yogurt shop.

Crazy Good Coffee

Making the RaceTrac feel like a store within a store was one of their goals and its evident.  The ‘Crazy Good’ coffee looks like its own coffee shop, all freshly brewed in the store.  In all honesty, I did not expect to enjoy the coffee.  I’m usually picky about it, sticking to my tried and true.  But this coffee was actually really good!  They had a variety of roast options along with flavor add ins.  I typically find restaurant and convenience store coffee to watery and weak.  This was not that.  My dark roast was just as I like it, with a nice bite to it.  It definitely beats a long drive thru line if you’re in a rush in the morning (as I always am)!  The drink selection is another feature I just have to mention!  Whatever you are in the mood for to quench your thirst, they have it.  Tons of waters, Coke, energy drinks and even jolly rancher slushies are available.

Fresh on the go

As a mom on the go, I’m really impressed with the food options.  I prefer to avoid fast food when we’re out and about, not just travelling.  The executive chef for RaceTrac has redeveloped their entire menu, offering made to order wraps, salads, sandwiches, pizzas and even fresh smoothies.  I can finally feel good about what I am feeding my family on a road trip or just a quick snack.

We hope you can check out their new digs as all Louisiana locations will be redesigned by the end of this year! Have you been to a RaceTrac lately? What’s your favorite feature?


  1. I totally agree! RaceTrac is my goto spot for fast and fresh options. My all time faves are the chicken ciabatta sandwich and a hot Mocha.
    RaceTrac is the nicest looking store around, and their staff is so friendly.
    I luv my RaceTrac!


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