I Didn’t Buy Enough Alcohol and Other Things I’ve Learned After Week 1 in Quarantine

We are one week down in coronavirus quarantine and I have learned a lot about myself, my family and our fellow man. Here are just a few takeaways.

I sorely underestimated the amount of alcohol we would need. #sendtitos #sendchamps #andoj

That color-coded schedule was a neat idea for about half a day.

My kids will be ok if we don’t watch virtual zoo and museum tours, live doodling sessions or online kids’ yoga.

We have a bidet in our master bath that I have side-eyed since we’ve moved in. Now I think we may just become good friends.

Hot dogs are a hot commodity … so is every other item on my grocery list.

Bubbles are gold.

I am more extroverted than I thought I was.

I desperately miss my stylist.

I felt like I won the lottery when I discovered a stash of disinfectant hidden under a sink. I never knew I could get so excited about cleaning supplies.

I used to get mad when my kids ran in the house but now I turn into a paranoid lunatic. “We can’t go to the hospital!!”

Sidewalk chalk is a blessing seeing all the masterpieces being created, and a curse when the rain washes it all away.

Facebook Messenger Kids has saved our sanity.

Facebook Messenger Kids has driven me up the wall.

Food coloring goes a long way.

I am not a Pinterest mom, but I can make a damn good box of brownies.

I have a lot more paper cuts than I think I do on any given day.

It’s nothing short of magic witnessing our kids bonding through this ordeal.

It’s nothing short of madness witnessing our kids tearing each other apart through this ordeal.

I’ve never felt more camaraderie with our society as a whole than I do during this time.

What are some things you’ve learned after looking back on this week?

Originally from New Orleans, Kathryn graduated from UNO in 2004 with a BA, and worked in film and television production. After fulfilling her dream of living in Los Angeles, she moved back home to be closer to family in 2009. She is now a stay at home mom, and lives in River Ridge with her husband, Derek, and 2 kids, Roni (Veronica) and Remy (Captain Destructo). You can usually find her ratting the streets throughout the day at local outdoor and indoor playgrounds with her diabolical dude. She enjoys wine, any and all fitness classes so she can drink the wine, traveling to places with wine and karaoke!



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