How to Practice Self Care During the Coronavirus Quarantine

How to Practice Self Care During the Coronavirus Quarantine

We should all be staying inside to stop the spread of the coronavirus, and if you are anything like me, then you are stressed! Take a deep breath and count to 10. Whew! We need to practice self-care now more than ever. Yes, I know the hair and nail salons are closed. No, you can’t visit your favorite esthetician or get that massage that you desperately need. This meme was so accurate!

Well, this is how you can practice self-care at home while you are quarantined:

  • Unplug
    • Information overload is giving us all anxiety. Take some time to unplug. Turn off the TV and phone notifications. It’s necessary.
  • Apply a Facial Mask
    • I’m not talking about the N95 or surgical masks. I’m talking about a facial mask to cleanse your pores, hydrate and fight aging. Take all of the time you need.
  • Deep Condition Your Hair
    • You are definitely going to miss that hair appointment, so why not deep condition your hair? I bet your stylist and strands will thank you.
  • Foot Peel
    • Just like that hair appointment, you will be long overdue for a pedicure. I ordered that Baby Foot peel online. It takes a week to remove the dead skin cells from the sole. I heard that it’s pretty gross, but my feet will be baby soft and ready for flip flops!
  • Hand Treatment
    • If you have been washing your hands like me, then they are DRY. Order some overnight moisturizing hand gloves.
  • Bubble Bath
    • When was the last time that you really had the TIME to enjoy a bubble bath? This is the time! Soak and relax in a tub full of bubbles.
  • Read a Book
    • Finish that book. Join a book club. Did you know that the public library has e-resources?
  • Journal
    • Use this time to put your thoughts and feelings on paper. Order a pretty one and grab your favorite pen!
  • Healthy snacks
    • You may be tempted more than ever to stress eat, but picking up a healthier snack will make the scale smile. More people are cooking at home now too, which is always a great choice.
  • Workout
    • The gyms are closed, so a good home workout is definitely a way to alleviate stress and burn calories. Check out a virtual workout class or take a jog/walk in the neighborhood.
  • Color
    • The kids are coloring, so you should too … with wine! Buy an Adult Coloring Book!
  • Dance
    • One of my friend’s calls it a “30 second dance party” and I think that’s what we all need. Turn on your favorite playlist, or tune into one of those virtual sessions hosted by a local DJ!
  • Do Something New
    • Discover a new hobby. Learn a new language. I’m very interested in brush lettering!

We are in this together and need to take care of ourselves. Stress can weaken your immune system. Self-care is so important and I hope that this list gave you some ideas to help you place yourself are the top of the list.

What would you add? How have you been putting yourself first?


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