How I Envision Retirement: My Plan For Living My Best Life With My Best Friend

Before I start, I should mention that I LOVE what I do! I am an orthopedic Physical Therapist turned pelvic floor Physical Therapist who has found a way to blend both skill sets that allows me to treat the whole patient. It really is a dream job, and I couldn’t be happier. But, I’m also REALLY looking forward to retirement. In fact, my husband and I have quite the retirement To Do list already written out. Sure, it varies occasionally, and my husband always has new retirement ideas, but we always seem to circle back to one main theme….travel!

Not your traditional travel

I know what you’re thinking, “Everyone wants to travel when they retire. What’s so special about that?” But we don’t just want to travel…we want to road trip. My husband LOVES driving vacations. Seriously, every family vacation we have taken for the past 8 years has been driven. We have driven to Disney, Gatlinburg, Texas, and Missouri. We have stuffed our kids into the car right at bedtime and driven through the night more times than I can count. While I initially thought this would be awful, it really has turned out to make vacations super fun! Which gave us the idea to road trip in retirement. Only we won’t be stuffing kids or ourselves into the car. No. Instead, we want to buy an RV. Well, actually I want to buy an old school bus and transform it into a beautiful, mobile, tiny home….but I digress.

Less Stuff, More Experiences

The point is that we want to sell most of what we own, save a small house that we purchase as a home base, and live on the road. Something about the idea of having only enough material things to fit in an RV and small home is alluring to me. We plan to go all over the country, and then potentially take our home on wheels international. And If our kids choose to move out of state, we will go crash with them for a bit. We will hike, explore, camp out, and experience the leaves changing in Maine (Yes, I am a grandma and it’s been a dream of mine for years).  I want to truly experience every season and live in various climates. I want to explore bustling cities and rural countryside. Then, when we aren’t off playing Lewis and Clarke, I plan to garden, paint, draw, read, have chickens, grow my own vegetables, and go to the gym (of course). I have zero plans to be bored during retirement. So, if you’ve got any recommendations on MUST-SEE places, be sure to leave a comment and let me know! It’s never too early to start planning.


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