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Disclosure :: The post is sponsored by T3. But all opinions expressed below are my own.

I had the chance to give the T3 Featherweight 3i Hair Dryer and the T3 SinglePass Ceramic 1″ Staightening & Styling Iron a chance and they were a breath of fresh air to my quarantine life. So I’ll just come right out and say it, these items are on MAJOR sale at Costco right now, like nearly 70% off. We could all use a little splurge on ourselves these days and you can feel good knowing you purchased great products at a crazy good deal. Because who doesn’t love a crazy good deal?

I love when functionality meets aesthetic

They are not only are they beautiful to look at, but easy to use. (Seriously my 7 year old exclaimed “wow that’s really pretty” when I pulled them out of the box).

I, like most of you, am stuck at home trying to manage my own work, homeschooling, cafeteria duty, laundry, and an endless list of tasks that can leave me feeling overwhelmed. I decided yesterday to dedicate time to myself to shower, fix my hair and put on make-up. It seems like such a simple thing, but it’s something I haven’t done much at all in the last 8 weeks and it just turned my mood around. Once I was in a great mood, my kids seemed to be in great moods. So while I’m not saying if you buy yourself these items, your kids will be happier, but maybe.

I showered and actually took the time to style my hair and I loved the results

The T3 Featherweight 3i Hair Dryer has a lightweight body, efficient design and my hair was less frizzy and overall smoother after using it to dry my hair. It comes with 3 heat and 2 speed settings, plus a lock-in cool shot as well as 2 different width concentrators. My hair was dried in record time, which is a plus because I was doing all of this on my lunch break while children napped. I need efficiency.

I couldn’t just stop with dried hair, I needed it styled also. I straightened my hair with T3 SinglePass Ceramic 1″ Straightening & Styling Iron. This bad boy has 5 heat settings and gave me fast frizz-free results. I appreciate the 1 hour auto off (hello mom life). It was so smooth and I never had to deal with painful hair snagging. The handle stayed cool and easy to use. I’m excited in the future to give it a try at curling my hair.

The Best Part

The best part is the items are on huge sale at Costco right now. MSRP on the FW3i hair dryer is $250 but this promo price is $79.99 (!!). The SinglePass Ceramic Flat Iron has a MSRP OF $180 and a promo price of $54.99. These prices are being honored through 5/17, so be sure and snag you some goodies quick! Who doesn’t love the feeling of getting something 70% off?

Where to buy :: HERE

Overall, I’m glad I have these 2 items and I dedicated some time to myself yesterday. I recommend you take some time and do something that doesn’t *HAVE* to get done, but you do it because it just makes you feel good. It’s totally worth it, and you’re totally worth it.

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Tara grew up all over south Louisiana and currently lives in Metairie with her husband Josh, and their 3 kids Dax, Dane and Delta. Tara is a buyer for a local food-service distribution company and Community Director for New Orleans Mom. During the week she can be found replying to emails, carpooling kids all around, giving out hugs and kisses, and looking forward to bedtime. Weekends are for family adventures, naps and cheering for LSU and the Saints. She loves trying new foods, travel, and she and her family love all things New Orleans, but especially Mardi Gras.


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