Girls Play Trumpet Too to Offer the Perfect Mommy and Me Event Filled with Music and Empowerment

Girls Play Trumpet Too to hold debut performance for its first class featuring New Orleans Trumpeter Emily Mikesell

Moms, are you looking for a way to inspire and empower your daughters and encourage them to learn something new? The upcoming “Girls Play Trumpets Too” debut performance will introduce young women to the possibilities of music education!

On May 20, 2023, at Café Istanbul from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., a group of young, talented female musicians will showcase their skills and passion for playing the trumpet. Led by their passionate and dedicated instructor, Troy Sawyer, these girls are breaking stereotypes and defying expectations in the male-dominated world of brass instruments.

Since November, Sawyer, his assistant, and the 15 students have met at St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church every Saturday morning for 90 minutes. The curriculum begins with reading music and listening to notable female trumpet players. Sawyer emphasizes how important it is for his students to see women playing trumpets at a high level. As a young musician, he did not see many women trumpeters, and he believes the lack of representation could be causing other music educators to steer girls away from the trumpet.

As a mom, you know the importance of exposing your daughters to positive role models can empower them to pursue their passions. The “Girls Play Trumpets Too” performance is an excellent opportunity for the young ladies in your life to be inspired by these musicians’ hard work, dedication, and fearless attitude toward achieving their goals.

This weekend’s performance is a fantastic opportunity to support young women in music and inspire your daughters to reach for their dreams. Tickets are available now, and the proceeds go towards supporting the “Girls Play Trumpets Too” program, ensuring that more young women can pursue their passion for music.


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