Do You Believe In Miracles?

Opening with my mantra that, people typically do not believe in miracles until they need one. This is something that I spoke about on my Pandemic Penpals episode about finding love. Rihanna‘s We Found Love song is in my head on repeat as a write this; it is such a simple thought to think about when have you found love? Did you find it in a hopeless place, or did you find love when you focused on loving yourself? There are several times when you can point out when and where you found love.

As mothers and especially during the holidays, some of us are waiting on a miracle, and we need that certain miracle to occur. The hope of believing in something especially when times are challenging can be the one thing that gets you through a tough day. I encourage you to think of the moment when you may have been at your favorite bakery and lagniappe, you received the baker’s dozen. This can be the simple miracle that brightens your day. Pay attention to those small miracles, do not overlook them.

Whether you believe in miracles are not, it is of course your choice. It is not my goal to persuade you to believe in anything. However, when we talk about love and when you have found it or if you have found it. It reminds me of the time when I knew that I found love. The moment when I was alone in nature, I was on one of my typical walks and I was reflecting on my life and how grateful I am for the challenges and accomplishments. Then a spark hit, and I said to myself, “Wow, this is a journey that I am on, and I love myself for it.” Life is unpredictable, but I am aware that I am here to cherish all of what is going to be presented to me, what has occurred and what will occur.

That’s the joy in life, acceptance of yourself and understanding that we are all a work in progress. Giving yourself grace and understanding the first step is loving yourself may lead to new opportunities for you to move forward with any goals or may even open doors that you thought would not be open for you or doors that were once closed. Not saying that in life that everything will be a crystal stair, absolutely not the case, but when you know at the end of the day that you have found love, it is a refreshing feeling. Through the depths of uncertainty love of yourself is the one thing that you can rely on.

During this time of uncertainty, be sure to remember that the miracle may be right in your back pocket, literally. That $1 you were looking for can be found can be sitting right in your back pocket. Treat yourself, enjoy life. We are mothers and we know that the miracle of bringing life into this world is a gift. It is the gift that could have been quick and easy or long and hard, however your miracle entered this world, know that you did it and you are strong for it.

I will leave it with a simple poem, “No one believes in a miracle until you need a miracle. Keep your belief in yourself, it starts with loving yourself and being sure that the miracle of love is what you exude with all your five senses. Eat love, breathe love, taste love, see love, and smell love. Do not wait for the need of a miracle to believe. The miracle is love.

Nia Avery is a New Orleans based Fine Art Consultant for Heather James Fine Art. Prior to joining Heather James Fine Art in 2017, Nia was an art consultant in Beijing, China, where she oversaw the inaugural C!Talk initiative, a series of cross-cultural events sponsored by the World Culture Open organization. She also previously served as an art consultant in Houston where she co-led the Emancipation Economic Development Council workgroup for the art non-profit Project Row House. Nia received her Bachelor of Science from Clark Atlanta University. Before relocating to New Orleans, she served on the board of Loma Linda Hospital’s “Big Hearts for Little Hearts Guild” in Indio, California, and was a member of Desert AIDS Project’s “Partners for Life” committee in Palm Springs, California. “New Orleans is my hometown, so I am thrilled to be back. As a gastronome and fine art consultant, I have found that this city is the perfect fit – and because New Orleans is a city focused on tourism, there are always opportunities to meet people from all over the world. Living here presents an exciting opportunity to contribute to the cultural landscape. My favorite place in the city has yet to be discovered. From 1000 Figs, to Original Thought, to the McKenna Museum, there is always something to discover and experience. I am excited to discover many new favorites for years to come.”


  1. This IS beautiful! Thank you for sharing this–for me today. Exactly what I am feeling alone on my journey to finding myself again. And I love that you had that transcendent moment in nature, I guess much like Thorough perhaps, where you find beauty in nature and transcend into it somehow, inexplicably, to find yourself one with it and its beauty…to become beautiful yourself within it. Again, TY for this Beautiful blog post!


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