Keep Your Halloween Sweet: Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Halloween is a thrilling combination of kids, costumes and candy. There are lots of things that should be considered before taking the kids out for a night of Trick or Treating or a fun-filled Halloween event. Here are 5 simple and easy Halloween safety tips to help ensure the night is fun and not frightening for all involved.

Halloween Safety Tips

  • Check the State Sex Offender and Child Predator Registry before heading out in the neighborhood.
  • Make sure costumes fit to prevent trips/falls & select face paint over masks so your child’s vision won’t be obscured. Use reflective tape on costumes and have kids carry flashlights and glow sticks to be easily spotted at night.
  • If you are going to Halloween events or venues, make sure you take a quick picture of your child or children with your phone in their costumes so, if needed, you can easily get that information out to officials.
  • Make sure your children have identifying information on them, including their names and parent’s name and contact info. There are many online stores that you can order custom temporary tattoos that are great when your children are attending events that will be crowded with lots of people.
  • Inspect all candy (for your personal favorites, of course) and more importantly, to ensure it is safe.

halloween safety tips featured

What other safety tips do you use to keep your kids safe during Halloween? Which pieces of candy will you be confiscating for your own consumption?


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