5 Ways to Make Starting Swim Lessons Easier with Little Fins Swim Academy

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Little Fins Swim Academy.

5 Ways to Make Starting Swim Lessons Easier with Little Fins Swim Academy

Start Swim Lessons Now and Have One Less Thing to Worry About

Summer is only a few short weeks away and since we’re surrounded by bodies of water, one of the most important things you can do to protect your child is to enroll them in swim lessons. Keeping them safe around water at home, at camp and as you vacation will take some stress off your plate (and we all could use that!).

Getting Started

Little Fins Swim Academy, has provided some tips to help make starting swim lessons a little easier for you and your little ones.


1. Getting your little one excited about getting in the pool. Talking to your child and letting them know what they can expect the night before lessons start is a great way to help ease the fear of meeting a new person, and getting in to the water for the first time!

2. Keep calm, even if they don’t. It’s common for new students have a fear of the water if they’re new to getting in the pool. For their first few days students with a fear will look to their parent’s for a reference on how to respond to this fear. With your instructor’s help, reassuring your student that they are safe will help turn their fear into a love for the water!

3. Go BIG with your encouragement. Encouraging and congratulating your student even on the smallest accomplishments will help build their confidence in the water and ultimately make them a better swimmer.

4. Get to your lessons a few minutes early on the first day. Taking a look at the pool and even watch the last few minutes of the lesson ahead of you will help your student get excited about learning to swim. Typically arriving 10 minutes early is a good window to get settled prior to lessons starting.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice. Even if your practice consists of blowing a few bubbles at bath time, it helps! This is another exercise that can help boost your swimmers confidence and help encourage quicker results!

Develop Life-Long Swimmers

Encouraging a love of water is easy when your child feels confident in it. By utilizing some of these tips, you can build a life-long swimmer and have the peace of mind your child is safer each and every day. Little Fins Swim Academy offers lessons of all sorts from group to private and they can even come to you! Conveniently located in Elmwood, their indoor pool offers lessons in a consistent and creative environment.

Check out Little Fins Swim Academy and book your child’s lesson today!

My name is Shelby Griffin Lopinto. I am a former Chapelle Chipmunk and UL Ragin’ Cajun! I am the owner and one of the instructors at Little Fins Swim Academy with 10 years of experience. I started Little Fins Swim Academy 5 years ago to better help children build their skills and confidence in the water. Swimming is my passion and I hope to pass that along to all of our students through lessons.



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