A Chance to Play With Junction Place Sports and Sportsplex

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    A Chance to Play With Junction Place Sports and Sportsplex

    Sports for kids in New OrleansAs we navigate unprecedented challenges with how we live and interact, we have a responsibility to create and curate a culture and space for children to be exactly who they are, children.

    At Junction Place Sports and Sportsplex, our mission has always been to give everyone a chance to play, learn and grow. Designing a physical space and pairing it with protocols and planning that ensure safety, exploration, and fun is how we continue to meet our mission everyday and we are happy to invite your family to join us! Our best in business youth sports programming is offered in a variety of ways to allow for families, schools, early childhood centers and homeschool associations to decide what is the right format for participation.

    Safety during a pandemic. Our home, Junction Place Sportsplex, is located Elmwood and provides the safest and most comprehensive approach to youth sports programming. Health Screenings and face covering requirements are just the beginning of our efforts to offer the highest quality indoor sports programming while continuing to fight the spread of COVID-19. Our (30) foot ceilings, (3) sets of floor to ceiling bay doors and (5) exterior doors are always open during our hours of operation. Combine that with (6) commercial grade roof mounted exhaust fans and (10) floor level drum fans and what you get is an environment more akin to being outside than that of closed circuit recycled air. Our building is in a constant state of sanitization as we know how important our role is in mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

    Services our community needs. Both onsite at our building and offsite at your school or early childhood center, we have what you need! All Sports Camps, Afternoon Sports Classes, Weekend Baseball Basics, Private Lessons, Team Rentals, Cage/Field Rentals, Birthday Parties (both onsite and offsite) are just some of the ways we provide options and solutions for our customers!

    Holiday All Sports Camps. One of our flagship programs since 2015 has been our Holiday and Summer All Sports Camps! We are overwhelmed with excitement to introduce a second site at Loyola University Sports Complex, beginning this December, to be included in our All Sports Camp listing! Our Holiday and Summer All Sports Camps give families an option for the active, engaging and professional care they need WHENEVER school is out! Have a school specific holiday like Professional Development or Parent Conferences? Let us know and we will design a camp option specifically for you! Interested in one of our camps, but concerned about COVID-19 exposure? Check out our Health and Safety Protocols or give us a call and hear directly from us about our plans and procedures to continue to fight the spread of COVID-19.

    Bring Programs to YOUR School or Early Childhood Center. When we signed a lease agreement to open Junction Place Sportsplex in March of 2020, we made a commitment to continuing to make our services available and affordable at the places most convenient for families with full schedules; YOUR school or early childhood center! Baseball Basics, Basketball Basics, Flag Football Skills Sessions, Simply Soccer and Sports Hour can be modified to fit your school’s physical space and activity calendar. Imagine dropping your toddler or elementary aged student off for a typical day of school and by the time you pick them, they have already participated in one of our incredible enrichment programs without you needing to transport them anywhere else! That dream can become your reality by simply reaching out to us and letting us know that these once a week after-school programs need to be offered at your child’s place of learning!

    Building Blocks- Our Recipe for Success! Our approach to youth sports is simple: provide a foundation based on the basic elements of the subject matter and don’t put a cap on the results!

    Leading young people doesn’t require personal accolades or success of the instructor in the given subject matter. Young people have a zest for knowledge and accumulating their own experience, what “you did” probably occurred before they were born so it’s really insignificant to their perspective. What does matter in the mind of a young person is can you relate? Can you inspire? Can you communicate on a level that THEY can understand?

    We provide clear and pointed instruction- the “who/what/where/whens”. Our instruction is repetitive, like, really repetitive, as in, we say the same phrases over and over and over and over again- something we are sure you can understand. We don’t back away from that approach. It works. We hope your child gets the opportunity to experience what we have to offer!

    Learn more about Junction Place Sports and Sportsplex HERE! 

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