2019 Best New Orleans Dad Winner!

We are excited to announce that the winner of our 2019 Best NOLA Dad is ::

Adam Dennis

{Nominated by :: Susan Fallahi}

Adam (my husband) is the quintessential Mr. Mom! 4 years ago, he left his job as an attorney at a large company to stay at home with our first born. It made sense financially and he stressed to me how much more fulfilling being a stay at home parent would be than his current job. At the time, we didn’t know any other dads who stayed home. Many times, Adam was the only dad present in a sea of mom’s and children. Whether it was playdates at the Parenting Center, Milk and Cookies with Mommy at my son’s daycare (because I had to work) or any various activities that he managed to do with the kids during the work week, he was always there and he did it all!

In addition to caring for our 2 children (we’ve had a second child since), he is an aspiring writer, a musician and instrumental in helping me run my newly acquired business. He has written on behalf of stay at home dads on multiple platforms (NOMB being one of them) to help support the small community of “SAHDs” in our city and has been working for the past few years on completing his first novel. He likes to get away whenever he can and can be spotted on the weekends (when I take over kid duty) with his laptop at Monkey Monkey. He is also an amazing musician and started the local NOLA ska-punk band, Skully Caps. He has played a few local shows with his band and they just released their first record (Baked Alaska, which can be found at any local record store) earlier this year!

Finally, I recently became the owner of a pediatric dental practice and any free moment Adam has, he is here helping me with any number of tasks from tightening the screws on the toilet in the employee bathroom to contacting insurance companies/website hosts/cable and internet company/(insert any service that sucks up time on the phone) AND is still on time to pick our children up from camp/school and get home to make dinner and throw the laundry in. I ask myself every single day how this man does it all (I’m getting misty-eyed just writing this)! He truly deserves this award (and I’m not just saying this because he’s my husband and keeps our lives together)! I cannot think of a more hard-working, dedicated father that still manages to be involved in the community and work in a business in his free time…what free time?! I am so proud of him and I want the world to know what a wonderful father and man Adam Dennis is! Thank you for recognizing all the exceptional fathers with the contest and thank you for considering him for this award!

Congratulations Adam! Not only are you the 2019 Best NOLA Dad, but you are also the winner of the fabulous prize package giveaway valued over $890 including:

We would like to wish a very Happy Father’s Day to all of the AMAZING dads out there!



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