5 Reasons Why Swim Classes Aren’t Just for Summer

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5 Reasons Why Swim Classes Aren’t Just for Summer

Is it already that time of year again? School supply lists and uniform swaps are circulating, last minute carpool and aftercare options are frantically being organized. Despite our best 5 Reasons Why Swim Classes Aren’t Just for Summer
efforts to stretch this sweet summer break, summer is coming to an end. While your local country clubs may be closing soon, the opportunity to swim is not. Did you know you can keep up your children’s swim skills all year long?

Kaci McGuire and Kier Braendel can help you, no matter the skill level of your child. We are sisters who grew up swimming with our 4 siblings and found our heart and soul are dedicated to swim instruction. As former competitive swimmers, instructors of all levels of athletes, and Swim Team / Swim Instruction owners, we are all too aware of the benefits of swimming beyond the summer.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should keep swimming this fall:

Swim skills dropped during quarantine and drownings rates rose

  • According to the Louisiana Department of Health, our state experienced a 60% increase in drownings in 2020 and experts believe it is due to shutdowns and valid fears due to COVID-19. Fortunately, it has been documented that swimming is one of the safest activities during the pandemic due to normal pool sanitation protocols. Covid can not live in a chlorinated pool. In addition, we are constantly modifying our policies to reflect local, state and national guidelines for preventing the spread.

Summer is simply not long enough

  • Becoming a strong, confident and skilled swimmer is a process that requires consistency. If you’re late to the swim lesson game or your child hasn’t become proficient in the water yet, Safe Swim has openings for afternoon swim lessons through October 15. The South Louisiana Swim Team (SLST) also offers swim lessons, recreation swim team and competition team all year long in heated pools on both the Eastbank and Westbank of Jefferson Parish.

Swim skills are non transferable

  • When we swim we use muscles and coordination that we simply don’t use outside of the water. Spending only a few weeks in the water during summertime will not yield the same retention rates as spending 6 or even 12 months in the water. Consistent practice is a great way to develop deep and lasting swim skills and true proficiency in the water. If your little one is into multiple sports and activities, swimming even once or twice a week is a great way to keep building their swimming skills throughout the year.

Summer league is just an intro

  • If your child enjoyed summer swimming they will love the option to swim year round. We love summer swim, but our classesare smaller, organized, and have a stronger focus on technique and skill acquisition. SLST Recreational team is  designed for kids who can swim independently but dont have the desire or skills to commit to our competitive team’s – yet. Our second assessment date for interested swimmers is August 21st in Metairie and in Terrytown.

Swimming is the ultimate cross conditioning activity

  • If your kids are already active you may be tempted to leave swimming for the summer. Besides, seasonal sports are super convenient and who swims in the fall anyway? We do! Swimming is a great sport for cross conditioning. We teach several multi-sport athletes and know the importance of diversification of skillsets at a young age. Swimming has low injury rates, uses both aerobic and anaerobic exercise to develop endurance and speed. It’s great for developing work ethic and goal-setting skills. It is also both an individual and team sport that is objective in measuring improvement.

If your child can’t swim safely and comfortably in the water, Safe Swim has immediate openings for our August session. Safe Swim teaches lifesaving skills first then prepares our swimmers for the swim team. Our curriculum is designed to build confidence and trust while preventing drowning. In addition to our standard classes, we offer a very affordable rate for families with Medicaid cards through our Community Swim Lessons program. You can register for our classes for babies 6 months old to teens and adults here. You can call or text us at (504) 645-0749 or message us on Facebook. Se habla español e se fala  português.

If you have a child interested in either recreational or competitive swimming, sign up for SLST  2nd round of assessments on Saturday August 21st. We operate in Metairie and recently expanded to the Westbank. Our recreational swimmers love the low-stress and uplifting environment we create as they develop their skills and our high performing competition team competes locally, statewide and nationally. We would love to have your family be a part of our swamily!

About the authors

Kaci MCGuire is the owner of Safe Swim, a water safety organization dedicated to Kaci MCGuire is the owner of Safe Swimpreventing drowning deaths in the GNO. In the 15+ years she has worked with 1,000s of children of all swim levels from infants to adults. Some of Swim Coach, Swim Lesson Provider, Manager/Mentor of other swim instructors, Program Director for 8 & younger competitive swimmers, Former Board member of Zaven´s Wishes, National Diversity and Inclusion Camp Coach, Speaker at the National Association for Drowning Prevention, Featured Water Safety Expert on WDSU, host of Water Safety Days, Creator of Community Swim Lessons, and owner of Safe Swim, a water safety instruction organization.

Kier McGuire Braendel is the Head Coach and Owner of The South Louisiana Swim team. She has coached for 22 years on various teams and in different capacities before taking the leap in 2010 to start her own aquatics business. With consistent dedication and passion she Kier McGuire Braendel is the Head Coach and Owner of The South Louisiana Swim team.Kier, owner of SLSThas built a successful team of dedicated staff and swimmers. She teaches all levels, but specializes in Age Group Coaching and Athlete Development. Coach Kier’s most cherished role in life is that of MOM to her two daughters Kaia (11) and Ava (10) where she is currently navigating the dual role of coach and mom. Kier is balanced in life to her favorite mathematician, Kyle Braendel, who keeps her grounded and sane. She is also the step- mom to Gavin (17).




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