2022 New Orleans Mom Teacher of the Year WINNER!!

We are excited to announce that the winner of our 2022 New Orleans Mom Teacher of the Year is ::

Cindy Bourque – Holy Cross School

{Nominated by: Micki Andry} As a new student this year, my son entered Holy Cross as a 7th grade student. He came from a parochial school where he had been a student since Pre-K3. Moving to a new school after 9 years was more than just a big change for him; it was life altering. Mrs. Bourque is the 7th grade Math teacher as well as the 7th grade coordinator. She welcomed my son (and the other new students) with open arms and absolutely made them feel at home. Every day, Mrs. Bourque goes above and beyond the call duty as a teacher and mentor. She is an advocate for each child; a cheerleader for each child; and takes time in every class to make sure her students understand the material that is being taught. She offers free tutoring sessions at least twice a week for her students before school and will work with students on her free time as well. Most of all, she holds them accountable, treats them with respect, and teaches them to be a Holy Cross man!

Seventh grade at most parochial schools is considered the “senior” year for the students and Mrs. Bourque makes sure these 7th grade students feel the same way at Holy Cross. She plans field trips and community-building events each month for the grade. She attends their extracurricular events and asks them how their day is going. The brotherhood that the boys feel is wholeheartedly facilitated because of Mrs. Bourque. I feel that she is their mother at school and it’s very comforting to know that my son has someone that is always in her corner. She communicates with the parents often and sends pictures of their activities at school, so we can get a small glimpse of their day because let’s be honest, how much does a 7th grade boy tell their parents about their day at school!?!?!

My son has had the most amazing transition to his new school this year and I know the biggest reason for that is because of Mrs. Bourque. She has pushed my son to be the best student he can be and it brings me great joy to see him flourishing at his new school. It has truly been an honor to have her as a teacher and I cannot wait for my younger son to be in her class in two years. Mrs. Bourque will definitely be our Teacher of the Year for the impact she has had on my son.

Not only is Mrs. Bourque our 2022 New Orleans Mom Teacher of the Year, but s/he will also win the fabulous prize package giveaway valued over $1,000 including:

From all of us at New Orleans Mom, a HUGE thank you goes out to all of the teachers who have done such an amazing job this past year under such a challenging set of circumstances. Congratulations to all of those who were nominated!


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