2021 New Orleans Mom Teacher of the Year WINNER!!

We are excited to announce that the winner of our 2021 New Orleans Mom Teacher of the Year is ::

Andrea Kurica – Mount Carmel Academy

{Nominated by :: Samantha Ricciardo} Mrs. Kurica is a class moderator, English teacher, mother, and advocate for her students. She does not only work on a large scale to ensure that we enjoy school, but she continues to be just as encouraging and hardworking within her classroom. From Hamlet to Frankenstein, we have been able to learn about literature in a more interactive way. After reading as a class, we play kahoots, work in small groups on projects, play educational games, and participate in socratic seminars which leaves us wanting to learn more. I have never left her class feeling unsure about the material or concerned about my knowledge of the unit. Furthermore, Mrs. Kurica continues to fight for her students outside of the classroom. This school year, we were not sure what we would be able to do because of covid. I am a senior, and the fear of being unable to participate in the traditions Mount Carmel offers consumed my entire class. However, our class moderators insisted that we would not be missing out. Alongside many others, Mrs. Kurica fought to provide us with a memorable senior year with rings, sweaters, gym day, and so much more. In place of senior activities we were unable to do due to covid restrictions, they organized movie nights and a senior soiree to ensure that our class was able to celebrate our years together. I was able to sing my senior song alongside my classmates which was a privilege my grade did not think possible this year. Without teachers like her, school would not be filled with the joy and excitement found within the halls of Mount Carmel Academy every day. I can only hope that everyone gets to experience a teacher as kind, hard working, and dedicated as Mrs. Kurica. Not only is Mrs. Kurica an amazing teacher, but her character is also portrayed in her motherhood. Although we do not always see what a teacher goes through once she is home, Mrs. Kurica has shared a little bit of her homelife with us. A few years ago, her son was diagnosed with autism which is difficult for any mom to hear. However, she has continued to support her children and advocate for others like them. During autism awareness month, she encouraged our school to wear blue to celebrate and honor others like her son. When girls at MCA sign up for child development, Mrs. Kurica gives a talk to explain to them the importance of advocating for your child even when others say to stop. Mrs. Kurica has also shared her love of the musical Wicked with her children to show them the beauty of being different. Mrs. Kurica is a teacher who strives for excellence within her classroom, school, and home life, and I believe she deserves more than a thank you for all the hard work and dedication she puts into her job.

Not only is Mrs. Kurica crowned the 2021 New Orleans Mom Teacher of the Year, but she also wins the fabulous prize package giveaway valued over $800 including:

**Winner (or a representative of the winner) is responsible for physical pick up of prize in the Greater New Orleans Area.** 

From all of us at New Orleans Mom, a HUGE thank you goes out to all of the teachers who have done such an amazing job this past year under such a challenging set of circumstances. Congratulations to all of those who were nominated!


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