Revolution Math {An Innovative Math Tutoring Concept}

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Revolution Math {An Innovative Math Tutoring Concept}

Are you dealing with a child that doesn’t like math or time restrictions that make attending in-person classes or tutoring sessions difficult? Then Revolution Math might just be for you! Learn more about this innovative math tutoring concept.

Revolution Math Tutoring ProgramTwo Moms share their experiences with Revolution Math ::

Myndee’s Experience :: I hate to admit this, but my daughter is following in my footsteps. She doesn’t like math. At least, she didn’t. After one month of Revolution Math she has discovered a newfound love of problem solving. I’m not sure if it is the near one-to-one interaction, the fun and interactive games or a combination of these things, but she looks forward to her sessions every week. The lessons were age/grade appropriate and her tutor was friendly, patient and engaging. I would say even if your child doesn’t “need” math tutoring, they could benefit from Revolution Math. My daughter is more enthusiastic about math at school than ever! Since my daughter is the one who had first-hand experience with Revolution Math, here is how she felt about the program in her own words: I love Revolution Math. Its so cool. Its like math, but an adventure / game. You get to do all kinds of missions and win badges and prizes. I like my teacher, and I’m really glad that when mom offered it that I said yes! 

 Tara’s Experience ::  I had two children who participated in the program. The math adventures change with each tutor and grade level, but no matter what, each hour is spent in a small group with a private tutor leading these learning squad. If you or your children have ever played an RPG (Role Playing Game) or has an active imagination, they will be very comfortable. The hour is set up with your child and their team accomplishing a mission and working towards a collaborative goal. Each child chooses a character to play (a fox, an elf, etc…). They collect runes for answering questions correctly, doing “homework”, or successful attempts during the game/session. During the hour they go through lessons designed to teach them concepts as well as reinforce and build on what they already know. When the program began, I thought an hour may be too long for them to sit after being in school all day, but it truly is a captivating experience..  The teachers get to know the students and their individual learning styles, which really impacts their ability to understand the material and progress forward.The lessons are challenging but the setting is conducive to active learning. My children look forward to it every week and even ask to do the homework so they can collect runes for their next session – which can be redeemed for real –world prizes! We are so excited to have found the program and to share it with our friends.  Finally, an after-school activity that promotes learning, is super-fun and best of all, I don’t have to cart all four kids to!

Ready to learn more? Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up on Revolution Math.

  • The first month is FREE

2. They send each child a box filled with goodies (and we all know how kids LOVE mail!) Inside they’ll find:

  • Brain shaped stress ball
  • Revolution Math Pen
  • 7 different sided dice (used during Revolution Math Classes)
  • A binder with masks and graph paper
  • A workbook for the month
  •  As they progress they receive more goodies (the next workbook, a bag of dice, etc…) with items they need to continue the program.

3. Students participate via a tablet or computer. My kids love using the iPad. This allows them to write on the screen using the annotation tool when responding to prompt questions.

4. The kids log in for an hour a week and join a team of 1-3 other children in the same grade with a private tutor.


  • Ensure you have a strong internet connection. If you have Wi-Fi, make sure other devices in the house aren’t using the bandwidth. This program uses video-conference which requires a solid connection.
  • Find a quiet space for your child to participate.
  • Earbuds or headphones are helpful, too!

 Are you interested in Revolution Math? Sign up for your FREE month trial HERE.

If you have any specific questions about Revolution Math, please reach out to their program director, Mike Hassen, by email at or by phone at (424)320-3085.


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