Dear Husband, I See You

Not so long ago we had a hard talk about me seeing right through you. I think it’s time I told you what I do see.

I see you working long days teaching, coaching, and caring for other people’s children and then jumping right in to do the same for your own … even when you’re mentally exhausted.

I see you putting away our clothes because it’s one chore I can never bring myself to do.

I see you doing dishes with only a small grumble, even when it seems like I dirty every pot and pan we have making everyone dinner.

I see you ironing my clothes so I’m not a hot wrinkly mess like I would be if left to my own devices.

I see you taking twin dirty diaper duty and potty training duty.

I see you tolerating my mood swings, my impulses, and my mistakes with understanding and kindness.

I see you trusting me to steer the ship of our lives using the decisions we’ve made together, and taking over when I need to rest.husband

I see you up late grading papers and then getting up before me, sometimes having to drag me out of bed.

I see you taking on extra work so we can give our family the things they need and want.

I see you doing little things to make me happy; trying to make me laugh, constantly telling me that you still think I’m beautiful, and thanking me for all I do for the family. You encourage me to treat myself to coffee or a lunch out when you wouldn’t afford yourself the same luxuries.

I see you supporting me through depression, anxiety, job unhappiness, and illness.

I see you letting me sleep late most weekends.

I see you cleaning up the mess I leave behind when I go deliver flowers because you know I’ve stayed up all night working and I’ll be too tired to clean up when I return home.

I see you adopting my hometown as your own, even though it’s really, really hard for you to be away from your family.

I see you not batting an eye when I ask to do something special with my girlfriends — you tell me without hesitation that you have the kids covered.

I see your selflessness and your encouragement and all of your love. I see that you try to speak my love language even though I’m not the best at speaking yours.

You keep my eyes open to the things I might lose sight of in the tumultuous cycle of everyday life. Though our love now looks different than it once did, I love you more than I did a decade ago. Thank you for being my lighthouse, today and always.

Lindsay is a native New Orleanian, displaced only by her years at Mississippi State, where she earned a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries and a minor in English. She came home shortly after Katrina, to work as a zookeeper and be a part of the rebuilding of her beloved city. She dragged her husband Drake, a Tennessee native, along with her. Their son Bennett joined the family in 2010, and in 2014 they welcomed identical twin girls, Genevieve and Kellen Clair. She now works full time as an Environmental Scientist and part-time as NOM’s resident Jill of All Trades. Powered by espresso, cake, and craft beer, her happy place is on a beach or in the woods. Need to identify a plant, tree, or animal? Lindsay’s a wealth of random knowledge. She loves to cook and sprinkle a little glitter on everything.


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