7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt Recap

Disclosure:: Our 7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt was sponsored by: Children’s Hospital, Touro Infirmary, and Raising Cane’s. And a special thanks to the very talented When You Wish Entertainment for hopping over to surprise the children! We could not have made this event fabulous without their support. The title sponsors met with us for multiple walk thru appointments and answered all of our emails and calls quickly and with grace. It’s always a pleasure to plan events alongside professional and gracious hosts. 


We would especially like to thank you our readers, for your continued support! While we enjoy writing and exploring parenting with you, meeting our readers face to face and building our community makes our hearts sing. We strive to provide you with the highest quality events possible and continue to be humbled by your response to our efforts. Thank you, New Orleans parents!

Table Sponsors ::

Building community goes beyond getting to know your neighbors. It’s also about shopping local and getting to know your locally owned and operated businesses. Our events provide a convenient setting for consumers and businesses to interact and learn about each other. We cannot say enough about the busy locals who happily came out on a weekend to share their products and services with you all. We thank each and every one of them for their efforts It was a magical morning.

Food and Beverage Sponsors ::

We sincerely hope you left the Egg Hunt with full bellies! Our food and beverage section provided something for everyone. Whether you were looking for something sweet or salty, spicy or fresh, we had all of the above. The kids were happy and mom and dad were too. That is what we call a success!

Swag Sponsors ::

We’d like to thank ALL these generous sponsors for providing snacks and goodies to fill your child’s Easter basket. Whether you snagged bottles, pacifiers, hand wipes, vitamins, snacks, or eggs stuffed with coupons, we hope you were pleased with all the loot. Fun fact–there were over 16,000 eggs and 35,000 pieces of swag tossed in our egg hunt area.

Giveaway Sponsors ::

We hope you all were thrilled with the giveaway lineup for these events. Thank you to the sponsors for making it possible! And a HUGE thank you for your generosity in filling the Children’s Hospital Art Cart. Because of your donations, you will be making a difference in the lives of countless children.

Program Sponsors ::

All New Orleans Moms Blog events have professionally designed and printed programs to help you navigate the fun that is organized, remember the brands that you loved, and also score some awesome deals. We appreciate our program sponsors for helping to produce our family-friendly events in New Orleans!

Photography Sponsors ::

We’d love to send a special Thank You to the amazing photographers who captured this event in such detail. If you were at the event, be sure to look carefully through all the albums, as you might catch a shot of your family! If you missed the event and are wondering what the buzz is about, LOOK!

Jillian Marie Photography :: Check out her photos HERE

Julie Verlinden Photography :: Check out her photos HERE

Kyla Madden Photography :: Check out her photos HERE

NOLA Sisters Photography :: Check out her photos HERE

Walking Between Mountains :: Check out her photos HERE

NOLA Baby Station ::

NOLA Baby Station is brought to you by Nurse Nikki and New Orleans Breastfeeding Center. Thanks to these sponsors, parents had a dedicated area to feed their babies and change their diapers.

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank EACH one of you who purchased a ticket and came to this event. Thank you for taking an interest, continuing to follow, and for using your precious Saturday family time to join us. Thank you for being patient when the weather threatened the vent and for showing up in your rain boots ready to have fun! We hope you consider it well-spent, and we hope to see you and your families at another event soon!

Originally from Florida, Jaime has lived in Southern Louisiana for most of her life (so, that makes her a local, right?). She currently resides on the Northshore with her husband and son and teaches high school English. An enneagram 5, you'll most likely find her doing hot yoga solo, on her phone researching a random topic or sitting in the comfort of her home with coffee and a book within an arm's reach.


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