Five Reasons the Cox Smart Home is Cooler Than Mine

Disclosure :: Our team had the chance to visit the Cox Smart Home at The Standard at South Market this week. We very much enjoyed touring this technologically advanced home with so many features that can assist aging citizens. Thank you to our sponsors, Cox Communications, for allowing us to join you and learn about technology of the future!

Five Reasons the Cox Smart Home is Cooler Than Mine

Who remembers the Carousel of Progress in Walt Disney World? First introduced at the World’s Fair in 1964 and later moved to the park in Orlando, I’ve done this ride more times than I can count. I was always particularly fascinated with the ‘future’ look on this ride, amazed at the idea we could one day have ‘video phones’ and what we would later know as virtual reality. I remember thinking, “Wow, I wish I could see that in my lifetime, probably when I am super old.” Who knew this would be normal for my children?

I recently had the chance to tour a Cox Smart Home, focused on ‘connected independence.’ My own home has an Amazon Echo and sensor lights, so I thought we were pretty connected in the home tech world. But y’all … there is so much more! Technology amazes me, and the things we can do with our homes is growing daily. Here’s what I loved the most that I would want to add to my own home and/or to the homes of those I love but are also aging.

Cool Kitchens

I recently jumped on the Instant Pot train, and it really changed the amount of time I spend in the kitchen. But then I learned that there are Wifi-enabled precision cookers I could monitor from my phone! And as you use ingredients and toss items in the trash, there’s a smart trash can that will automatically add them to your grocery list! I always forget things at the store, so I particularly liked this idea. It could be great for an aging parent as well, whether they grocery shop or another family member does the shopping for them.

Easy TV Surfing

This Smart television interface is extremely user friendly. You can even use the voice-activated remote, called Contour, to allow access to live TV, DVR and ON Demand.. I’m definitely going to suggest this for my Granny, but it’s also great for little ones. Especially with the ‘safe’ filters built in, you don’t have to worry about what the kiddos will find when searching for a show.

Your Own Personal Robot

Jibo was one of the most impressive things I saw in the Smart home. More than just turning on the lights or playing music, this robot has advanced facial and voice recognition. It can learn up to 16 different individuals, create custom experiences and even take a family photo. Plus, the dancing and jokes are super cute, too! It’s like a pet, but better.

Healthcare at Your Fingertips

Whether your loved one needs regular blood pressure checks or you don’t think your sinus infection warrants a visit to the doctor, Telehealth services allow you check your vitals, send them to your doctor and even have a video conference with them. They can request you come in for a visit or call your local pharmacy for necessary medication … all without ever having to leave your home!

Visit Paris, Africa and Your Childhood Home All in One Day

I could have spent hours exploring the Virtual Reality technology, looking around the room and up to the Eiffel Tower as if I was really there. We swam with dolphins, walked with African elephants and visited the Vatican. You can even choose a specific address, seeing nostalgic places in your life. Not only was this super cool, but could be an amazing experience for someone who is bed bound and unable to travel. This seemed light years away when I was a kid!

So What Powers All of This?

Cox’s blazing fast, 1 gigabit internet speed, G1gablast, fired up the Smart Home Connected Independence experience with industry-leading speeds. This allowed all of the internet connected devices to work seamlessly and without hiccup, even with multiple devices on Wi-Fi.  I experienced no break in connection or clarity with all these devices I tried at the Smart Home! They even had options to connect to a security system and monitor a home from afar via Cox Homelife. Learn more at Cox!


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