Healthy & Easy Shrimp Lo Mein {Luxury Pasta Recipe Contest – Win $250}

Easy Shrimp Lo Mein Ingredients I New Orleans Moms Blog
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I am sure that I am not the only one who is trying to eat healthier to mitigate some of the damages from all of those delicious holiday treats. Because I am very conscious about maintaining my weight loss through healthy food choices, I am constantly coming up with recipes that include a lot of flavor while getting adequate amounts of veggies, whole grains and lean protein. When I was asked to come up with a recipe using Luxury Whole Grain Pasta, the first thing that popped into my mind was one of my favorite healthy weeknight meals, quick and easy Lo Mein. I have been making variations of this recipe for years, always using whole grain angel hair pasta as the noodle base. This version is what I came up with using what I had on hand as these are all items we like to keep as freezer, fridge & pantry staples. The end result is a filling, yet healthy meal full of healthy protein, whole grains and vitamin rich veggies that comes together in no time.

Easy Shrimp Lo Mein

Ingredients 1/2 package of Luxury Whole Grain Angel Hair Pasta

2 cups (or approximate 30 count) large shrimp, peeled, deveined, and butterflied
2 cups of broccoli florets, washed
1/2 cup of carrots, chopped
1 cup of chopped sweet peppers (I used red and yellow)
1/2 cup of shelled frozen edamame
3 TBSP oyster sauce (can be found in the ethnic foods aisle of supermarket)
2 TBSP reserved pasta water
2 TBSP vegetable or canola oil
red pepper flakes (optional)
salt & pepper, to taste

DirectionsEasy Shrimp Lo Mein I New Orleans Moms Blog In a large saucepan, boil pasta according to package directions. Be sure to salt the water when you add pasta. Once pasta is done, reserve a little of the pasta water then drain and put to the side.

In a bowl, combine oyster sauce, red pepper flakes, and water and whisk together. This particular time, I left the red pepper flakes out as Andrew was eating too. If you don’t do well with spice, leave this out. Put the sauce mix to the side. If you have not already chopped and prepared your veggies, this is a great time to do this. Also, a great shortcut is to use a bag of frozen stir fry blend or even the pre-cut stir fry veggies you can get in the produce department at your local grocery store.

In a large skillet or wok, heat up 1 TBSP of oil and add shrimp to the pan, season well with salt & pepper or your favorite seasoning of choice (I know most of us here in NOLA are big fans of Tony Chachere’s!). Once the shrimp are pink and cooked through, put them to the side. Wipe the inside of your skillet with a paper towel and add the other TBSP of oil. Add in all of your veggies, tossing them and seasoning them with salt & pepper to your preference. Let them get a little tender, but still slightly crisp. Add in shrimp, noodles, and sauce mixture and toss well, coating the noodles, shrimp and veggies with the sauce. Serve in bowls, and enjoy! This recipe easily serves 4; also leftovers are just as great the next day!

The Verdict

This delicious takeout inspired dish takes less time to make than it does to pick it up from your favorite restaurant without all of the guilt and it is full of healthy protein, nutrients and veggies while appealing to everyone in our family, including the 2 year old! I know we will be making the recipe often as it comes together so easily! I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!  Don’t forget to vote here!  You can vote for my recipe as often as once a day, and each time you vote, you’ll be entered to win a $250 Visa gift card toward groceries to create your own unique recipe! To find Luxury Pasta in your area, visit Luxury’s website. We have seen it at Langenstein’s, Winn-Dixie and Rouse’s here in the New Orleans area.


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