DIY Charcuterie Board

Whenever I do happen to go out to eat somewhere, I always look to see if they serve charcuterie boards. It is one of my favorite appetizers to order, or even have as my meal. So, I decided instead of checking every menu before heading out, I’d make my own. Where do I even begin? Have no fear, I am here to assist!

What is a charcuterie board?

A charcuterie board is usually on a wood cutting board and is filled with meats, cheeses, nuts, crackers, fruit, jellies/honey, and olives. The word charcuterie comes from the French word charcuit, meaning “flesh,” and cuit, meaning “cooked” in case you were wondering.

How to build your charcuterie board

I headed on over to the beloved Trader Joe’s which has a great selection of all the goodies needed to make a board. There are a few other stores around the area that also have options, but I just happened to be there and came up with this grand plan to make my own.

It is actually pretty simple to put together, it is all about color placement.

Start with small bowls of your jellies and honey, then use the cheese to lay your foundation.

Next, you place your meats and crackers/bread down.

Then add your smaller items like nuts, fruit, and olives.

Viola, you have your own homemade charcuterie board. This is also not just a great date night idea, but my child even loves when I put one together.

So here are some go-to options for your board:

Meats & Cheeses

Now, this is all personal preference. I am not a huge fan of stinky cheese, so I stick to Brie, Goat Cheese (this with honey, chef’s kiss), and a good Parmesan. As for the meats, Salami, Cappola, Pepperoni, and Prosciutto are my go-to’s. You can also add a pate of meat to your board, but that is not my thing.

Crackers & Bread

I am a huge fan of Trader Joe’s Pita Crackers; they are my favorite to eat right out of the box. They are perfect for the cheeses mentioned above. Grab yourself a baguette and slice it up for something a little thicker.

Fruits, Nuts, & Olives

This is where you can get your color on. Dried apricots & mangoes are a perfect addition and flavor palette, as well as jellies, preserves, or honey. Fresh grapes, blackberries, and blueberries also add color and flavor profile. Grab some marinated olives and some almonds to complete the board.

Pair all this yumminess with a bold red wine or a dry white and let your taste buds ignite.


Jeanne DeLasalle
Jeanne is a single mom to a wonderful son who loves nothing more than her family, friends, and her Saints. Born and raised in New Orleans, she enjoys everything this city has to offer. In her spare time you can catch her napping or binge watching movies on her couch. On Sunday's in the fall, she is in the Superdome and goes into a state of depression when football season is over.


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