Pandemic in Pajamas: An Unexpected Lockdown Lesson

The COVID pandemic of 2020 started a fashion revolution. Well, at least for me, it did. As a professional in the assisted living business, I’ve been lucky enough to be working throughout every phase of lockdown, still needing to wear my businesswoman costume most days. Still, my world has shrunk to pretty much home and work. Outside of work hours, staying home has become my norm, and loungewear has become my fashion choice.

All my life, I’ve been an old T-shirt kind of girl. I’d get cute pajamas for a Christmas gift, but they’d always lose out to an old oversized T-shirt. Once I started spending so much time lounging around my home, I realized I’ve never really allowed myself to buy or even really think about cute clothes that are seen by no one. I suppose it’s another one of those ways moms often deny themselves little pleasures because other things crowd out the importance of a small satisfaction. Throwing on a T-shirt was all I allowed myself, even though in my heart I would love to be matching and pretty, comfy and lovely all at the same time.

My pajama obsession started in early summer. My bestie and I had an at-home version of our annual girls weekend. For this special occasion, we purchased matching nightgowns, mine pink and hers mint green. By the end of our few days together, I had ordered a few more similar items online, some with sleeves for winter. I was floored at how lovely I felt in a lovely piece of clothing, and even more floored with the realization that it’s still worth feeling lovely even if I’m the only one who knows or sees. Now, I have a drawer full of absolutely beautiful nightgowns and pajama sets. No matter which ones I choose, I feel gorgeous when I put them on. I’ve gotten rid of the old T-shirts.

My unseeable wardrobe rivals my public one, now. Piece by lovely piece, I’ve put together a collection of beautiful and comfy pajamas, just for me. Along the way, I’ve realized that it’s really me that gets to decide what is pretty on me and what makes me feel confident. I’ve realized that I’m worth dressing for, and if no one is looking, I still matter. It’s ok, preferable actually, to dress to impress myself first.  

pajamasThe pandemic has forced me to learn to like me! I’m beginning to notice that my change of clothes is coming with a change of heart. Just like I feel happier with my clothing choices when I seek my own approval first, I’m learning that I’m happier and more comfortable with other choices when I consider what feels comfortable to me and what my heart knows is right before I consider what someone else thinks. At the end of the day, it’s me in those pretty pjs and me that has to be able to sleep in peace with the choices I’ve made.

So what is your version of “pretty pjs?” What is it that you’ve been putting off doing because it’s only for you? Go for it! You might just find that your best self is the one designed by you.

Rebecca Jeffries
Rebecca has called New Orleans home for over 16 years. She transplanted from Florida and after she endured Hurricane Katrina with the people of New Orleans, the resilience, culture, and shared love of life captured her heart. She is a mom of 3, ages 22, 17, and 10. Rebecca loves all the ages and stages, having experienced a kindergartener and a senior in the same year! Rebecca is Executive Director of a local assisted living home, and bringing love to life is her passion. She has been writing and blogging for years and enjoys speaking to groups both business and community. In her spare time, Rebecca will be making a pot of coffee for impromptu entertaining, having family dinner with the kids, or sitting on her porch swing with a good book or a delicious drink, or both!


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