Our Fun and Convenient Family Vacation to Gulfport, MS

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The pandemic hit during the time we would normally plan our summer vacation. Usually my family, my in-laws, or both plan trips to either Florida or Alabama beaches, but this summer, neither family was going. We were trying to wait and see how things panned out since some rentals were all over the place with restrictions. It dawned on both my husband and I that we have taken our boys to the beach every year of their lives, it’s always a major hassle, and they are ready to swim at the pool after an hour. In addition, my husband did not want to take too many days off of work since he recently started working at a new company. I happened to come across a resort that was just opening with an awesome pool area and only 1.5 hours away in Gulfport … SOLD!

The Oasis Resort in Gulfport, MS

The Oasis Resort is new this summer. I will be honest, I don’t know the history of the property. What I do know is that it is new for 2020 and has everything our little family needs. There are 2 giant water slides, water playground, lazy river, swim up bar, and a restaurant right there on the property. Another big draw to the hotel is the Kid’s Suite, which is basically an over sized hotel room with a walled off kids room that contains bunk beds, a tv, and storage.

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Family Friendly Activities in Gulfport, MS

For me, Gulfport is appealing for many reasons: distance, price point, and lots of family friendly activities (seriously y’all). Lynn Meadows Discovery Center is 5 minutes from The Oasis and my kids LOVED it. My boys have told all of their friends, my mom, and anyone else who will listen about how much fun the “far away children’s museum” is.

There are lots of surf-themed souvenir shops up and down Beach Blvd to pick up vacation essentials or souvenirs. We chose Sharkheads because my kids think the giant shark on the building is cool.

Our hotel had a restaurant, but we did venture out to some of the many restaurants on the same highway. Even though we stayed at Oasis, we drove up the coast a little further to Margaritaville and let the kids play in the arcade there. The beach was across the highway from us, but we did not go. It was open, so we could have, but we chose not to. Also, we did not get a chance to eat at Sugar Factory in the Hard Rock. Hopefully we will on our next trip because I think my boys would enjoy the fun milkshakes and this mama wants to try a smoking cocktail.

Gulfport, MississippiOur 3 night get away to Gulfport was not only convenient, it was easy and oh so much fun for all of us! Our family will definitely being going back to Gulfport for overnight and day trips in the future. In fact, we are (hopefully) planning an end of summer excursion to Gulf Islands Waterpark.

Amanda is her name and sequins are her game. She can never be too extra with fashion or fun. Boymomming keeps her busy. In between playdates and ballpark games, she enjoys dates with her husband of 8 years and girls nights with her mom squad.


  1. We have frequented Gulf Island Waterpark for many, many years. It has always been super family friendly. As a parent of children 6yrs apart, it was comforting to be able to see both my children in whatever part of the park they chose to be in, at the same time. Plenty of multi level attractions for all the ages (even mom and dad!) plus food options on site. Great place!!

  2. I second the Oasis! But definitely upgrade to a bigger room because the standard rooms are laughably tiny. It was uncomfortable for 1 night as a family of 3.


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