Let’s Party!  Unique Ideas for Simple Spring Get-Togethers

For a “people person” like me, who loves to entertain, it’s been a tough year. Even if your tendencies are more introverted, none of us is an island unto ourselves. We all need human connection. When I find myself starved for connection, I tend to create my own, and what better way than a party? Here are a few ideas for fun and unique spring get-togethers that can be easily pulled off with a few guests:

spring get together

Thrift Store Cocktail Party

My daughter and I are throwing a cocktail party for a few friends. Cocktail attire is suggested, but it must come from a thrift store. Missing Mardi Gras Balls, Proms, and all the other fun excuses to dress up? This is a perfect solution with a fun twist. My daughter loves to thrift shop as a way to get the most for her money and live a more sustainable lifestyle. I love to thrift shop because it’s fun to spend a lazy afternoon checking out quirky stuff. For cocktail attire, the funnier, gaudier, or weirder the better, your local thrift stores are fantastic options. This party is a perfect opportunity to get together and share a laugh, especially after such a tough year dealing with so many serious losses.

Dirty Muthas Brunch

My husband would give the moms on his staff Mother’s Day off, which is a lovely idea I fully supported but meant he worked a double shift on Mother’s Day. Home alone on Mother’s Day and nearly a thousand miles away from my own mom, I was sad. When I’m sad, I like to throw a party. Looking around, I began to see that several of my friends were also dreading mother’s day for various reasons. One was estranged from her daughter, one had lost a baby to stillbirth in her past, one had lost her mother that year, one was single and oh, so tired of being asked when she was going to get married and have babies. The Dirty Muthas Brunch was born. I put together an irreverent brunch held on Mother’s Day, featuring my friend’s bra-shaped baked brie, mac and cheese in prosciutto cups which we called “C cups,” and of course, plenty of champagne for “MILF mimosas.” We took the chance to turn a potentially sad day into a silly party with a lot of laughter and fun. I continued the tradition for several years, welcoming anyone not looking forward to Mother’s Day for whatever reason.

At Home Sip and Paint

With a 10 pack of small canvases, an acrylic paint set, colored pencils, and plenty of coffee, tea, and other beverages, we turned my daughter’s birthday party into a DIY sip and paint. I put down a couple of old sheets for protection and let the conversation roll as her friends gathered around my table and just painted whatever they wanted. This was a huge success among her older teen and young adult friends. They left with some creative art work and I got a chance to get to know the people in my daughter’s world. It’s amazing how relaxing the evening was, prep and cleanup was simple, and everyone had a fantastic time.

Try Before You Buy Party

Did ya’ll know there’s a Coke with Coffee? Are those frozen cauliflower crusts any good? What about that weird new energy drink or flavor of ice cream? At this party, every guest brings a “new” food or beverage from the grocery store for people to try. Everyone gets a chance to sample before they buy a whole pack of something they hate, and no one has to do anything but grab something during their usual grocery store run. This is a fun time for a casual get-together and will provide plenty of ice breaker conversation.

party dessertIf isolation has taught us anything, it’s that human connection is vital and doesn’t need to be complicated or elaborate. Anything, really, can be a reason to celebrate and laugh together. If you’re itching, like me, for a chance, any chance, to find some joy and fun then consider throwing a little get together of your own. As we heal from the pandemic and its horrors, I can’t think of many things better than an evening or morning spent catching up with friends. Someone has to start the ball rolling. Why not you?

Rebecca Jeffries
Rebecca has called New Orleans home for over 16 years. She transplanted from Florida and after she endured Hurricane Katrina with the people of New Orleans, the resilience, culture, and shared love of life captured her heart. She is a mom of 3, ages 22, 17, and 10. Rebecca loves all the ages and stages, having experienced a kindergartener and a senior in the same year! Rebecca is Executive Director of a local assisted living home, and bringing love to life is her passion. She has been writing and blogging for years and enjoys speaking to groups both business and community. In her spare time, Rebecca will be making a pot of coffee for impromptu entertaining, having family dinner with the kids, or sitting on her porch swing with a good book or a delicious drink, or both!


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