Twinning with My Mommy Car

Moms look like their mom cars

Some people think pets resemble their owners (or vice versa). A few might think couples start to look alike the longer they are together. I have figured out that moms start to gradually look like their mommy car, SUV, minivan, or even pick up truck. This, without a doubt, includes me.

My mom vehicle: 2017 Nissan Pathfinder

Me: 1985 Chalmation Mother.

The following 10 reasons are why I’m twinning with my mommy ride:

  1. The first and MOST obvious… Hot. Mess. Express. I’m not sure how SO MUCH STUFF accumulates in my vehicle or why there’s always one random sock, under a seat, next to an empty bag of chips. As for me, I’m just a typical hot mess mom. If you see me dropping off the kids and looking like I just woke up, it’s because I did.
  2. My Pathfinder could always use a good washing! As for me… I’ll just take a moment to, personally, thank the inventor of dry shampoo.
  3. When clean, we both look shiny and new. Most people don’t even recognize us.
  4. My SUV usually looks much older than it is. As. Do. I.
  5. At some point, we’ve both had kids inside of us. Now, we can’t get them away from us.
  6. You can count on hearing the Frozen 2 soundtrack coming from one or the other.
  7. Some days the kids love us. Some days the kids are puking on us.
  8. We’re both running on fumes. (Literally)
  9. We both have a little too much junk in the trunk.
  10. Small things keep breaking. Nothing major. It doesn’t need to go to the shop. Which reminds me… I need to make my annual OBGYN appointment
Nicole Deano
Nicole is married, mommy of 3 (Emily, Talia, Gavin.) She’s a lifetime resident of Chalmette, with a brief 3 years in New Iberia following Hurricane Katrina. She is a realtor with 1 Percent Lists. She is also a 10-year breast cancer survivor. She is Disney obsessed and was a Disney Bride. She is trying to stay sane with juggling her busy life.


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