Turn It Up, Mom… Kids Love Podcasts Too!

My kids love podcasts! We have been listening for years … on road-trips, morning commutes, or an afternoon rest at home. It’s amazing how quickly they will fall silent as they listen intently to someone telling them a story. Every momma loves a good car-convo with their little people, but sometimes we need a break from the arguments or the monotony! The great thing about podcasts is, depending on your need, you can find some that are 10 minutes long or a series that is 10 hours long!

So turn up the volume, mom! Here are some of our favorites to get you started (in no particular order)!

  1. Story Pirates – I’ll just start with our favorite. My kids LOVE this podcast. They take fun stories, written by real kids, and use the art of sketch comedy to turn them into great story productions on the show. It’s fan-tas-tic. 

2. Pants On Fire – OK, as an adult, this is one of my favorite podcasts! It teaches kids to be investigative and think critically. In each show, a child interviews two adults about their careers, etc. One of the adults is lying, one is not. The kids’ job is to ask the right questions and try to figure it out. So fun! 

3. Peace Out: Relaxation Stories for Kids –  A sweet little podcast with a great concept. The goal is to help the little folks mellow out, relax, and practice mindfulness. This one is soothing to listen to, even for adults.  

4. Wow in the World – It’s NPR for kids! And it’s so interesting and relevant and good. This show makes science and technology fun and interesting for every child… I promise! 

5. Smash Boom Best – A great concept! This debate show for kids takes a couple of ideas, smashes them together, and then creates a fun debate around choosing which is best. A creative way to teach critical thinking and confident self-expression!

6. Brains On! – This is a great podcast about all things science … you will learn, alongside your children, a little bit about all kinds of things! Shhh … don’t tell them this is educational and they may not even notice! 

7. Short and Curly – This one is a podcast about ethics. It will get everyone thinking… a great way to get started on the difficult conversations. 

8. Stories Podcast  – Until writing this, I had no idea this podcast was supposed to be bedtime stories… we have listened to it for years… and never before bed. The host tells great stories of varying lengths, with cute little songs and voices. They often have a moral lesson involved. Easy, Quick, and always appropriate.

9. Story TimeThis is another great story podcast, simple and well-produced, most stories are under 20 minutes. Another quick and easy solution. 

10. Sesame Street – How could we overlook this one! An adorable podcast about the same values you learn on Sesame Street… patience, sharing, friendship – just to name a few. 

And some Bonus Content:

I know there are so many serial mystery style podcast lovers out there! Why shouldn’t the kids get in on that too?! I have NOT listened to these series, but I have heard great reviews. I am posting the links so you can determine if they are age and content appropriate for your family! Most of these fall into the fiction realm and are for slightly older children to tweens.

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: Science Fiction for Kids

Eleanor Amplified

Jaime Mitchell
Jaime was born and raised in Monroe, LA where she studied Biology/Chemistry at the University of Louisiana. After graduating in 2004, she headed to NOLA where she didn’t know a single soul! Soon after, she met her husband Sonny and together they are biological, foster, and adoptive parents to 3 (or more) amazing human beings. She recently graduated with her Masters, works in Sales & Marketing and serves as a Chaplain for the JPSO. In addition to love for her family and those who are grieving, Jaime gets pretty excited about foster/adoption, photography, cooking, podcasts and camping road-trips with her family. 


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