Thanks TikTok :: I’ve Learned So Much

“OMG, I saw this Tik Tok where this person…”

That is the beginning of many conversations lately. Last year around this time I was saying “I will never get on Tik Tok. That’s for the young folks to do all those crazy dances and whatnot. You’ll never find me doing all that hullabaloo.”

But here we are, deep into following everything I find funny, educational, and relatable. Thanks, Tik Tok!

I have found so many fun new trends off Tik Tok that just have to be shared.

Starbuck Recipes

I love a good Starbucks drink. I’ve discovered so many combos I want to try that I can’t wait. I usually search for recipes and then try them out.

My favorite so far is the Gingerbread Cookie.

How to order:

  • Get the Iced Chai Tea Latte
  • Add brown sugar syrup with oat milk

Another drink I want to try is the Salted Caramel Mocha Cold Brew

How to order:

  • Get the salted caramel cream cold brew
  • Take out the caramel syrup
  • Add 6 pumps of mocha sauce and toffee nut.
  • If you don’t want it to be too sweet, only add 3 pumps and enjoy.

Fun & Easy Recipes

Yes, yes, we all know about the famous pasta that was trending not too long ago. If you haven’t tried it yet, do it! It’s a chef’s kiss!

Make sure to follow The Air Fryer King. He makes full meals just using the air fryer. I’m not there yet, but I hope to be on that level soon.

Parenting Tips

My FYP (For Your Page) is full of moms, and the amount of information I received from all these accounts is super helpful. From great mom hacks to positive parenting solutions. This side of Tik Tok is really important to me. Some of my favorite accounts to follow are:

  • Mom Like a Boss
  • At Home with Shannon
  • Mrs. Blinks
  • Rachlynn Rogers
  • Mr. Chazz Mr Chazz


The DIY side of Tik Tok is my favorite. I’m not a crafter or DIY person by any means, but seeing all the crafts on my FYP makes me feel like I can make a chandelier from paper towel rolls and it’ll look like something from Southern Home magazine. I haven’t had a chance to do any of the crafts, but I have a page full of ideas.

Amazon Finds

Oh gosh! This rabbit hole will have you ordering everything from shower heads to cleaning supplies. I’ll just say this, you should see my wish list.

I have so many other topics I’ve learned just from Tik Tok that this post would turn into a book. But I really can appreciate that this media platform is like the new aged vine that anything can literally be searched.

What are some things you’ve tried from Tik Tok and the accounts you follow?

Ja’Nae was born in Houma and raised on the outskirts of New Orleans known as the Westbank, where she still resides. She’s currently dating her boyfriend of 3 years and together they raise their daughter A’nylah. After attending Jackson State University, she moved back to New Orleans and then earned her master’s at Full Sail University in Public Relations, she currently works part-time at a local Bra Boutique where she enjoys helping women feel good about themselves. In her free times, she’s looking for the latest fashion trends, working out, learning how to organize her life, relaxing by enjoying a good movie or series and finding fun things to do with her new family.


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